Friday, October 12, 2007

By Blogger Joel McVie

Emancipation and Public Consumption
By Joel McVie

I always say that when Anne Frank wrote her diary, never in her wildest dreams did she imagine it would be a worldwide bestseller. That’s the difference between a diary and a blog; one is meant for a pair of eyes only, while the other is released for public consumption.

Yet some blogs read like they were wonderfully written and edited diaries; imagine Anne Frank getting herself an agent and a book deal—after she wrote her diary. The technical side of writing considers the fact that the blog will be read by others, but the content itself is honest, self-revealing and real.

Thad’s blog allows us a peek into his life. And what a life he’s had! From growing up in Tacloban to a 9-year stint in Manila then back to his hometown, Thad offers up stories and anecdotes that draws one in and keeps one glued with his effortless and accessible prose.

Do you have some free time? Then feel free to spend it with Thad. And see how the ordinary, emancipated is actually extraordinary.

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