Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Early Signs

Age 6: first wore lipstick (my mom put it on me) for my speech.
Age 7: Very happy with my gift- a pad of paper and a pen.
Learning to pose to the camera LOL!
Playing my favorite "sport": Chinese garter.


FoxyReign said...

Ang kulit!
Lalo na yung 3rd pic

Phoenix said...

@ foxyreign: oo nga hehe

Beejing said...

oo nga! ang 3rd pic. Oi, gwapo mo tingnan sa thumbnail profile photo ah!

yuriki.kun said...

HAHAHA. favorite ko ring mag chinse garter nung bata ako. sarap tumalon ng nakekmbot eh.

Phoenix said...

@ beejing: charot!

@ yuriki.kun: pareho tayo ng "sport" heheh

Anonymous said...


"~ And you say your a late bloomer..XD ~"

Phoenix said...

@Eiluj: HAha! late bloomer sa pagladlad = ) Take care girl!


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