Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Draw

In the blue corner, we have a 90 pound, petite woman. A registered nurse with three kids. She has zero defeats and is currently the head of the matricentric household.

In the red corner, we have a thin boned, 9 year old kid with a 19 inch waist. This will be his first attempt to grab the championship.

Ding, ding ding! The bells signal the start.

Round 1

Thad had a really bad tooth decay on one of his temporary molars (due to his love of sweets), and his Mama notices him picking on the cavity with his fingers. She also noticed that Thad had been brushing his teeth quite often, which would never happen unless he was having a bad toothache.

Mama approaches tries to get a look at the rotting tooth. Thad knew what was coming so he tries to duck, unfortunately the opponent grabs his jaw and forces them open. She sees the decayed tooth and decides that they go to the dentist immediately.

Round 2

Thad retreats into his room and contemplates his next move. He has an irrational fear of dentists and their sharp metal instruments. He knew he must dodge this move by escaping right away.

Alas! His Mama blocks his path, and orders his older cousin to make sure he gets dressed so they could go to the dentist. The two women drag the poor kid to a jeep that would take them downtown.

Round 3

At the dentist’s office, a desperate Thad puts on a very brave fight. They hold him down the dentist’s chair (Mama on the right, my Ate on the left) while his legs kick this way and that.

The dentist approaches and rubs some topical anesthetic on the gum of the diseased tooth with a gloved had. Thad squirms harder, knowing that the syringe was next.

After minutes of struggling and threats from Mama, the dentist gives up. She tells the mother to come back when the kid is calm. Mama pays the dentist for the anesthetic and march outside the office. She finds a jeep, pays the fare and instructs the driver to drop Thad off at the house while she continues to run errands.

Round 4

A very angry Thad hops off the jeepney into their neighborhood. Instead of going home, he goes to the house across the street where his Tita lives as stays there. For two days. He was still mad and was determined not to speak to his Mama.

On the third day, his Tita persuades him to go home, because his Mama might think she was encouraging him to stay. By this time his anger had dissipated.

Stepping into their living room, he notices the floor is clean. His toys were displayed on the cabinet neatly, undisturbed by neither him nor his brothers. He sees his Mama in the kitchen and their eyes meet.

No apologies are exchanged, but they all sit and have lunch together. Later that night, Thad wakes up in the middle of the night feeling his decayed tooth move when he pushes it with his tongue. He sticks his fingers in his mouth, holds the tooth and twists as hard as he could.

The next morning he shows his Mama the rotten tooth he pulled all by himself.


chase said...

awww. what a sweet story.
look mommy.. pinoprotektahan ko ang door from cavities gaya ng colgate!!!


Phoenix said...

@ chase: I remember it to be a little vicious actually heheh both Mama and I were determined to stand our ground ; ) Ok lang sa akin na tanggalin ko yung tooth.. but in my own way (weird 'no?) = ) Kaya I had crooked teeth before the braces

Daizuke said...

I cant relate Lol!!.. I love sweets too.. But I dont have dental phobia.. If I have tooth decay, I wanna pluck it out by a dentist right away.. Kaso lng tinatamad ako mag pila2x pa sa clinic.. So Alaxan FR ang show ko pag may toothaches.! Wooof!

Phoenix said...

@ daizuke: brave guy = ) kahit nung nagpapabraces na ako medyo kinakabahan pa rin ako


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