Friday, October 26, 2007

How my Sister Brought Home a Wife

Those words were actually uttered by Haidy, one of my most interesting classmates last semester. She was referring to her sister, who is a lesbian, whom I met when our group stayed at their place in Marabut. That’s not all, she also has a brother who is gay, and three more straight siblings. She is Catholic and some in her family are members of El Shaddai; her sister’s “wife” on the other hand, is Aglipay. A universal household, that’s what she called her family.

Kalog, sincere, and utterly humorous Haidy is a girl you’ll surely grow fond of. She refused to act as the patient in one of the return demos in RLE because she confessed she had “smelly feet”. How many girls would dare admit that in front of the entire class?”

Surprisingly sensitive when it came to her family, she wept a river of tears as she divulged the drama in her household during a recollection at school. In a heartbeat, she was all smiles and joking around again. There is a screw loose in her head, perhaps that’s why I relate so much with her.

She tries so hard in her studies, you would want her to succeed. I know she will. This semester is the final determinant on who’s going and who’s staying. “2.2” The dean simply says. I just remembered her SMS when we got our final grades in Anatomy, where she initially had a conditional standing during the midterms.

“Kuya, 2.6 akon final grade ha Ana! I’m so happy!”

Me too, Haids.

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