Friday, October 19, 2007

Just Taking Time to Say...

Five months. That’s how old this blog is. I never thought I could continue through the semester and blog at the same time, and so many times I’ve decided to quit blogging, but lo and behold: the bitch is still around. I guess partly because this is so much fun to do, and partly because of people who have been part of this blogging experience.

A big wet kiss, and a huge thank you to:

Mark Xander
Pageant buff
Anonymous (dami nyo!)
Runaway cat
Pepe, Rye Bautista, Beejing, Jan, The Ilocano Blogger, Sofia for Bisean, Pisanu for Bisean, Travel Philippines, John Halcyon von Rothschild, Misterhubs, Pao Pielago, Mcvie , Rocky, Dazedblu, The Spy in the Sandwich, Richard Lionheart, Wentle, Eon, Milandra, Kai Santorino, Kodi, Jay, Riki the dark, Reyville, Self-sufficient parasite

Kung meron man akong nakalimutan, hala ipa kulam nyo na lang ako. Lol! Huy joke lang. Pati na rin yung mga nanlait at nangalipusta sa akin, forgive and forget hehe. Peace guys!

Some of the nicest comments:

Jackass said..
Ever since I started viewing your blog I never missed a single day in a weekend that I will never browse it. I am always tempted to see what’s in store on your entries now and then, maybe because I can relate from it but I think the enthusiasm of your write-up hooked me to the extent that I will sacrifice my whole day reading all your entries. Hahah, sound crazy!? But yes, it’s true.Anyway, I really love to comments all your entries as much as I’ll spend my time here, but I can’t because I’m busy nowadays. I think you read my comments in return of your reply already but this will be a general one. Heheh… I actually download your page if I’m at a cafe and read it after whenever I want to.=) so, thats what I'm doing now!

Anonymous said...
hi thad,this is nat, currently working here in Dubai. I chanced upon your blogs through Misterhubs and all I can say is that you just keep me hooked. I admire you so much, your views, your life, your work philosophy and your dedication to your crafts. I wish I can be like you. LOL!Hope we can meet sumday so that I can get more inspiration from you. Keep it up! You're doin' an excellent job!

jimg29 said...
As a full pledge Waray Waray your Tagalog is conveyed much clearer than most of the people I know. My son and nephew cannot even utter a single word. No wonder your mind is not languid. Could it be that a diet of ocean food brought out the best in you as high level of iodine must be running thru your bloodstream by now! LOL

Anonymous said...
Thaddeus,I read your post while taking my ten minute coffee break. Have been in the office since 6am this morning,and it's already--anung petsa na? huhu. I was working on one pleading after another, was catching on one deadline after another.these past few days, i have been a work whore. and have thought of quitting. (like you did on your first day as tm).but i won't.i just hope though, that when i look back ten, twenty, thirty years down the lane, i could confidently say that all these were worth it. sigh.

Jay said…
I totally understand how you feel!!!I'm part of a new program at the company I work at, and this is my first job ever. We had new TSR's coming in left and right every week. It was a huge ramp up. I was also promoted to Team Lead in about a month and a half of being on the production floor. It was overwhelming...but I agree with you! Right now, even though I'm swamped with work and there seems to be no appreciation nor any recognition for the extra effort one puts into their job, it's the people that you work with that keep s you sane. They're the ones that keep you motivated to do the extra little things that you do. If it weren't for these people I don't think I would still be doing what I do now. Thad I love your's like you've experienced things that I feel as though I'm bound to experience sooner or later. It's so relatable that it's become addictive. :)-Jay

scholasas said...
Ei, thad!=) got my own blog already!heheh Lastnight,I was envious (aw-a-non in short) enough to have my own as well.heheh Balit, I intend to showcase my not-so-good artworks of mine and practicing my not-so-bad-but-crazy grammar (just feel free to critique my work thad, I'll appreciate it, eventhough it's negative, much better!).hahah So out of curiousity of this blogging world our yours, I ended up registering myself as well >sigh<. anyway, It's still underconstruction. nyahahaha=)

Sana tumagal pa na parang masamang damo (LOL!) at marami ang ma-publish na articles sa Emancipation slash Metamorphosis slash Pillowbook ng lola nyo. Balitaw, from the bottom of my Hypothalamus, the seat of my emotions, a huge THANK YOU.


Anonymous said...

Daghang Salamat too thadie. :)

jack ass said...

WoW! that's crazy.heheh thanks thad. I never thought I was that much important to as your blog friend. eheheh well, I'm flattered that you even published two of my comments. but anyway, I know you know me already... keep it up. hope to see more intruiging articles and photo's as well ei!=)

Gracias Amigo

Phoenix said...

@ J: You know I've always appreciated you = ) Thanks uli

Anonymous said...


thanks. my anonymous comment was there.

i'll be going home for the xmas season. if i see u in sto.nino church, i'd give you a pat in the back. mejo okey na tak trabaho yana. maka adjust na ada ako.

Phoenix said...

@ anonymous: good for you = ) i'll look forward to that. coffee? it'd be great to be in touch with old high school acquiantances and friends = )


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