Friday, October 19, 2007

Travel Essentials

1. Wallet and passport (if it applies) in a secure and accessible place. 2. Accessories like sunglasses, a no-nonsense wristwatch that could withstand even a night in the forest. I also bring some medicine like analgesics, bonamine, attapulgite, topical antiseptics, and even bandages (first aid ba ito?). Better be prepared diba?
3. Toiletries. I don't trust what's in the hotel (or in the woods, minsan) so I bring my own stuff all the time.
4. Sunblock and scents. Sunblock for the day, scents for the night. (You might meet someone at the bar or something)
5. Phone and MP4 player or Ipod. Who travels without them nowadays?
All set!!

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