Sunday, October 14, 2007

200th Post

It had long been customary for me to post something very personal on every 50th post. This would be the 200th, but instead of me bitching and moaning, I'll have my close friends, former officemates, classmates do that for me. These are actually just a compilation of my Friendster testimonials.
· Thaddeus Hinunagan! Well what can I say about this person? Let me just say 2 words about this person that would describe him the best...SHOPAHOLIC and VAIN!! But in fairness to you my friend you have a good taste! If you want to know the best beauty secrets ask him, he's the master! This guy has a lot of dreams, I mean a lot! But once he wants something really bad he would plan (as in plan!) everything just to achieve it!

· Thad..super sarap kasama!!:) I can attest to that..We watched Hot Chick together..Though it was the only time we went out, I never felt any dull moment with him..:) We were laughing all over..Ching surely agrees with me..:)) I miss him already..Coz he always makes me laugh..We used to talk about everything and anything under the sun..:) He's one of the best persons at info..That's why he really deserves his promotion..:)) galing talaga ni thad!!I hope to see u soon!!!:) Take care!!:)

· THADDEUS Hmmm, lemme see,What I remember of this little guy is his wide smile. The infectious laugh and the wit that drove us mad with mirth. Thats Thad!Highschool had been so much fun with him in it. I was one of the many who were just more than willing to share our laughter with his antics. His stand-up comedies and his hilarious stories that kept us smiling even on our way home. And his art! Ive never seen such creative individual. Thad is good in what he does. He draws, sings, and much more.I didnt get the chance to see his emotional side, but I know he’s a deep person with so much more to give.More success to you, Thad, and dont ya forget us little people, we miss ya!
- Donabelle

what can i say? this guy has been a friend since we were small, i mean when he was still small, hahahaha =) i was already this tall (or should i say short, hehe) back then...he was our smallest classmate back in first year high school, and the cutest i might add =) anyway, this guy is the greatest company one can have, one will never have a dull moment with him...he's is someone i am so happy to call a friend. oh, and by the way, he's taller than i am now ; )
- Frances

· WE WANT THAD!WE WANT THAD!thad is the coolest tm in the whole wide world!!!hehe!!!

We had a lot of good times, Thad and I, having been friends since high school.. We considered ourselves "babies" of the gang since we are one of the youngest members.. I remember the pranks we used to play on our poor, unsuspecting classmates and friends (mainly mikebaks)... Hahaha.. Oh well.. Those were the days.. Thank you for the memories, Thad. Hope we get together soon..
- Rem


· Thad is one of my batchmates in Info. My first impression of him was the "serious" type pero makulit pala ito. Remember that night when we went out with Iyen and michico at nag- bar tayo? Mega sayaw tayo tapos I like this guy kaso di pala makaporma dahil ang alam, boylet kita. Dyuskopo!!! Pero dont worry, nakilala ko pa rin siya that night at nakuha ko siya...ung phone # HAHA! Thad, I miss you. This person? Minsan, napaka profound mag isip.. pero madaming kalokohan, hehe! I do hope that you have found what you have been looking for and and you're naman importante di ba? Goodluck sa ating mga lovelife friend! Love you! *mwah*

· 2 words to describe him:1. smart2. handsome (as far as i remember)well, it's in the genes anyway, hehe!and i'm really proud that he is my uncle.yes, he is!i'm his 21-year old niece.but don't get me wrong. he's not that face but mature mag isip, it seems.i'm looking forward of seeing you again...hope we could talk more often.God bless PO!
- Dora Fe

· my ohh amazing uncle!!! :)gifted with good looks, loaded w/ talents and a genius brain. does anyone need more?well, what can i say? it truly runs in the blood. good luck sa new career. really looking forward to another family reunion. hehehe.. miss those times.. :)
- Grace

· bossing,not just a boss but a friend too! i learned a lot under his wing...Best boss one can ever hope for to have...not too strict,not too loose...very fair and understanding...sayang lang I was not able to continue being part of Team 39..but I won't forget first family at work...i miss u guys and most importantly..I won't forget u...Here's to bossing (Salute!).. may you reach the highest peak and enjoy life as you move on with it...many thanks to you Thad!:)
- Leelee

· this friend of mine is very malambing and madaldal... yes he is, he is makwento which i love about him. you will not be bored if you are with him. there will be no silent moment only laughter and joy.. of course he is mabait and surely he'll be there for you na matter what. no questions asked only his advise if you need one..friend thanks a lot for your understanding and care. love yah!gudluk sa studies! go thad!!!!kaya mo yan!!! god bless!!!!
- Vina

· Thad is my good friend, the best boss i ever had. Siya lang nagbigay sa akin ng trust and bilib kaya ginawa nya akong employee of the month nun sa INFO. Never a dull moment when i`m with him. Super love namin ang galera at kahit na storming at stranded sa port eh pilitin pa rin na makapunta. I miss you so much, yung team natin, graveyard shift, good people sa team. everything. I miss hanging out with you, tatat, bonnie and bevs. Nung nalaman ko na siya TL ko, i know na makakasundo ko sya agad. why? sa atin na lang yun diba Thad. Super bait talaga, down to earth, lagi pang naka smile kaya love kita talaga eh. pero super nagpakalayo ka naman kasi. well me too :-( . sana pagbalik ko jan makita na kita ha, the last time kasi super busy ka. good luck and i miss you so much. love you. you take care for me. kelangan makapag bora na tayo next time ha. i`ll just be around, hit me up anytime aight.
- Noodle

ohmigod!!! i just realized how much i miss you... miss the fun we've had during our high school years...see ya soon!

· Thaddeus or Thaddy as we call him, is one of a kind! He has always been full of zest for life and if ever you need one of those inspiring and contemplative talks about intricacies of the human psyche or of the roads less travelled, of the mountains yet to be conquered, call Thad-- I swear, you won't be disappointed to hear his thoughts as this guy is more than driven to live out his life and inspire others to do the same.:-) A word of caution though: his enthusiasm is contagious so don't be surprised if you find yourself nodding and packing your bags for a Sagada trip the next day!: ) We miss you Thad! Hope to see you again and carpe diem, as always! : )
- Mayen

· How do you you spell leadership, wit, good looks, and kindness in one word???Answer: T - H - A - D Honestly, He was one of the best team mates i had back from infonxx days. Sometimes he is moody, reason why some people got pissed of him (hahahaha and that sometimes include me!). Some thought he was not but a walking immaturity... Well, you have to take a courageous risk to really listen to this guy to prove it otherwise. He is not a walking immaturity but a walking insanity hahahaha... Misya, yan nagparamdam na ako.Wag ka magkalat ng lagim dyan sa province... sa maynila lang bagay ang kamandag mo. Mwah labya!

· Sarap ng buhay, pa-beach beach nalang...Miss you Thadee!!!

· kuya thad. . . the kuya of the class. . hehe. . .a very responsible and determined person. . .kuya thad is a well turned-out guy, brainy and active at all times. . .he's very good in communicating with others. . .he's the best leader. . hehe. . .thanks kuya for helping us. . .imagine in our research defense, we were all nervous and shaking...but kuya thad was all relaxed as if nothing will happen. . . hehewell till here kuya got nothing more to say but a huge thank you.. . .thanks kuya. . tc!

· thanks for the testi and sori for not being able to reply your letter.. been so preoccupied, that's why..nevertheless, i really appreciate your effort of constantly reaching out to others in one way or another and I know that's what you are, PEOPLE-ORIENTED. i guess, you'll thrive in the path you're taking up..THAD? well, he exudes warmth all around him. friendly, accommodating, flexible, and conversationalist. got lots of sense. someone you can talk to for hours (though we haven't done it yet, but i'd love to!) and you'll not run out of something to talk about. hope to catch up with you on the latest escapades you've had in st scho.. c yah around school..p.s. love your pics, really! am awed by the nature trips that you've been into and the pics that went along with it...

· Well, this guy happens to be my student for two semesters already and I am quite impressed of his performance in the class. No doubt, he's witty, quick-minded and respectful. He is an ENABLER-TYPE of person, i deem...indeed, a rational being! Good luck to you bro. and wish you all the best in your academic endeavor and your social life as well. --Sirdacil

· ...the ever intriguing, mysterious, funny, smart, sexy (and so on and so forth) Thaddeus Hinunangan!!!! luv those moments we spent together! always remember to follow your dreams!!..don't get in too much trouble, ok?!

· Love ko 'toh! :-P

· Ang taray ng aura mo ngayon! musta na? hope you're in a much much better place! take care, thad! di ko pa nakakalimutan yung time when you told me that you're ready to leave infonxx and move on... very gutsy indeed... ayan sumunod tuloy ako...hehehe

· Thad! It's nice to finally know the real you! A well organized person (sabi pa nga ng manghuhula) hehehe! uhm.. Responsible.. Independent! But has a bad side also! which I like! oOops! we both like the same thing (ehem!) lam mo na un Thadie.hihi!He's fun to be with! Open-minded! Nature l0ver!! YOu may find him bossy but HEY!get to know him deeper & there ul see a prson w/ great prsonality. A gud friend indeed!I'll be xpctng more hot topics on ur blog! Keep it coming Thadie! u have sum rily great stories & ideas.Thanks pla 4 featuring me on ur blog! Bongga ka talaga!!see you around skul! :-)

· kuya thad!d best na kausap!ur a walking and breathing fountain of wisdom!esp. to us kids whom you always tell what to do and not to do while we're young...loli don't think i'll ever get bored talking to you..ever!and as always, idol ka tlga!you're one of the rare a good way.;)i'll forever be thnkful na i got to be ur fwnd,and you teach me things my 'rents will never have enough guts to preach...hehethnks for all d talks, d advices, d (hilarious!) messages and the lol moments only u can provide!by d way, gud luck poh sa pagbabasketball!;)

· kuya.. how are you? how's nanay? how's the house? how's the carabao? hehe.. whats up bro? I haven't heard from you for a busy?

· kuya thad sexyyyy....hehehehe

· thad, tuba was never an option... hehe that fact that it stinks drives me berserk! wahaha tequila pls... hehe thanks 4 ur comment i will really miss u guys!!!! mwah! hope we could do more bonding... hehehe
- Jett

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