Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Story Behind the Headers

First try using black and white images. The red text box is for emphasis on the freedom of speech and self-expression statement.
These were photos from my trip to Babatngon. The falls to the left is Kandongos (in Marabut).
This was just a single photo duplicated several times.
Greek letters on an all-blue image. Just experimenting.
The image on the left side was done by a photographer friend of mine.
Doing the bondage thing.
An assortment of photos with some text in the background (one of my short stories).
This is the one I am using at present. This was inspired by the movie Pillowbook, where the human body was used as a canvas for calligraphy.


Portable Bitch said...

i dunno if we are friends sa friendster pero i see you there... :) you are famous.. :)

Phoenix said...

@ portable bitch: yikes! tama ba yun? hehe! tonskie, what's your friendster URL?

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

hi thadie. i love the "bound, not gagged" header. it looks fresh albeit glitzy. but i'm also digging this "fleshy" new header.

chants to self: "take it off, take it off!"

just kidding!

id better learn photoshop...

Phoenix said...

@ ruff: Yup! It's fun, I swear. Pabago pago ang header depende sa mood = )

pepe M. said...

i love the bvlgari ads...sobra!
so proffesionally done...


chase said...

your pictures look so professional!
grabe im very much impressed.

there are some pics wherein you look like papa sam milby.. promise. ehheeh

Phoenix said...

@ chase: which ones? hehe i-papa frame ko ; )


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