Thursday, October 4, 2007

Androgynous Anomaly

In a remote laboratory, electrodes were being attached to three people- one was a woman, another a straight man, and the third was a gay man. The scientists were conducting an experiment on which lobes of the brain an individual uses when he/ she thinks.

The straight man was first. He was given a set of questions, the same ones which will also be given to the rest of the subjects. The woman came next, and after her, the gay guy.

This was what went on inside the brains of the subjects:

Question: Where did you buy your favorite shirt and how much?

Straight guy:
The scientists noticed the left lobe of the straight guy’s brain lit up in the monitor. He was accessing his left brain. The left brain is concerned mainly with statistics, mathematics, logic, and exact sciences.

“I bought it from SM Mall for Php600.”

It took her a while longer to answer. They noticed both her right and left lobes were lighting up in the monitor. This meant she was accessing both her left and right brain functions. The right brain is concerned with language, art, and other creative faculties of the mind.

She thought: My favorite shirt? Which one would that be- the red Folded and Hung blouse or the black Mango with ruffle trim? Well, probably I would say the Mango blouse I bought with Fran in Hong Kong- it was about $80.

She finally answers: “I bought it in Hong Kong when I was there with a friend… It was around $80.

Gay guy:
The monitors showed frantic activity in both lobes, and his Corpus Callosum seemed like a six-lane expressway sending information to and from each lobe. He was thinking a mile a minute.

Anitch itey! Favorite shirt daw ba? Naku ate, more than twenty ang favorites ko! Hmm so I guess I’ll have to narrow it down.. Probably the Hugo Boss was the best. Or should I choose the Guess number that hubby gave me on my 25th birthday?

What if it was given as a gift? I don’t know the price! Which reminds me, It’s hubby’s birthday two months from now- I’ve got to give him something amazing! A coupon for an unforgettable night in bed? Corny! Oh wait! Back to the question!

Uhmm, just choose something simple. Oh yeah, that Bench shirt you bought last month. That’s a simple answer.

Finally, he speaks: “I’m sorry, what’s the relevance of the question?”


cant_u_read said...


i love it!

Phoenix said...

@ cant_u_read: Chika lang ito hehe baka seryosohin nila ; )

runawaycat said...

Hah! Funny!
I'm back! :P

Phoenix said...

@ runawaycat: Hey! Welcome back! = )

chase said...

hahahha.. i love the way the gay mind works.
soo sooo sophisticated. hehe

Phoenix said...

@ chase: That's true ; ) We use both sides of the brain too!


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