Monday, October 1, 2007



Sofia for BiSEAN said...

Hi sweetie! If there's one thing to notice about you is you artistic talent, my goodness! That header changes often and if you did design all of them well honey, i wanna hire you. lol

Thaddie, sorry this is the only chance to return your comments on our blog. I hope you understand. Manila is too interesting for us to just stay nailed on the internet. :-)

Kisses for you sweetie,

<3 Sofia Dansk

jack ass said...

hahah... wer'e skul mate!=) but im done studying their. I only saw you once (I think it was the day when we have an eye to eye contact in the alley near sao!hehehe='}...) but anyway, I hope you remember that. sure, I'll love to know you. controversial k k c. heheh PM you next tym around. mejo buzy ako.;}

Phoenix said...

@ Sofia: I'm glad my designs are good enough to get me hired as an artist haha! It's more of a hobby actually.

So where is your next adventure? Do keep us updated in your blog! Take care guys! Say hello to Morgan and Pisanu for me = )

@ Jack ass: I'll wait for that = ) hehe

josh said...

your photo here s d reverse of d other side stuck together.... but d other one is d dark side, hehehe.

Phoenix said...

@ Josh: Hehe you are correct ; )

travelphilippines said...

hi thad thanks for the linkie i'll add u up on my other blog your header was a stunner.

Phoenix said...

@ travelphilippines: Thanks! I also linked up your other blog. Wow, it must me challenging to maintain two blogs = )

jack ass said...

( P.S. This should be posted last monday kaso buzy...;))


Ever since I started viewing your blog I never missed a single day in a weekend that I will never browse it. I am always tempted to what’s in store on your entries now and then, maybe because I can relate from it but I think the enthusiasm of your write-up hooked me to the extent that I will sacrifice my whole day reading all your entries. Hahah, sound crazy!? But yes, it’s true.

Anyway, I really love to comments all your entries as much as I’ll spend my time here, but I can’t because I’m busy nowadays.

I think you read my comments in return of your reply already but this will be a general one. Heheh… I actually download your page if I’m at a cafe and read it after whenever I want to.=) so, thats what I'm doing now!

Ok, here it is and Here it goes…

Dusk. Mirror image effect, right. At first, I was actually looking at the perspective shot but Alas! it tricked my eyes.=) Is the photoshop part of your subject way back in UP?

Rumblings. I must confess, I read them all already.heheh they are all entertaining.

You are truly Pinoy if. Hmmm, did you actually make a lot of researches on that? well, All are TRUE! =}You really search out the true customs of the pinoys.

Radial Symmetry in Orchids and Jellyfish. Beautiful! I love the colors of the orchid. There’s something in it that makes me feel sad, calmn, and lonely. I also adore the jellyfish but, I’m distracted by the black shade on the upper quadrant. But if you crop it, I may imagine it taken under the sea.=)

A Wishlist. Ang senti. Naman.=) I was just struck by your last wish…heheh a ‘tooot!’ =) heheh joke! I’m sure makakahanap ka dyan. If you only knew, a basta. You’ll find it their.

Basketball Diary: The First and Final Entry . How sad. Don’t worry, P.E. is just a minor subject. I know you excel much on your Major subjects, right?=)

Untitled. Hmmm, I saw that pattern before. uhm, nevermind!;} BUT again! Hehe… asset mo talaga yan. ;}

BLOGWATCH: Coconuter. No comment! Not my field of interest. Heheh

Finals, and Fluctuating faith. I saw an anxious Thad when I read this. Well, from our perspective view, we only enjoy every minute of our existences and I know you are too. Have fun! Heheh But if it’s your call, go! Just a piece of advise, don’t pressure yourself by aiming that high. Infact, your GWA is OK already. Just enjoy. And if you only knew that all June passers, are much average than you think. Even the unexpected manage to pass. Well, It’s up to you. Just don’t take it seriously. Heheh jowk.=’)

In colors. Did you use Gaussian blur>fade/screen>Gaussian blur>fade/soft light? Or just one of the filter selections in the menu bar? That effect kasi is a bit contradicted on white unless your concept is parang fairytale ang dating. You can adjust it naman to lower its exposure.

Stories. I read it all. No comment na! its already twelve in the morning and I haven’t studied yet. =’(


Phoenix said...

@ jack ass: Wow, as in wow! Essay writing competition ba ito? hehe I can't tell you how much those words meant to me, as a matter of fact, I'm copying and saving it to my files (tapos print then laminate) hehe.

It is always such an honor for someone read my entries, and for you to read them regularly- nakakataba ng puso. As Mr. Magdua said about Literature its an amazing thing that simple words can enclose two minds within a single thought..

Sobrang kaka-inspire = ) hehe Thanks ha! It relieved the bad day I just had today. Research? Not really, I listed out the things that most of us pinoys do.. it's not that hard ; ) And no, I didn't get acquainted with Photoshop till I got here.

The circle pattern was inspired by an artwork from Binhi's resident artist.. I don't think he wants his name said aloud, but his talent speaks for itself ; )

Godwilling I'll reach that part.. On the post In Color, I used Diffuse glow in Imageready..

Go! Study muna.. I'm always here lang naman. Once again, thanks uli! Take care!

chase said...

the dark side of the force..
don't go the dark side thad.

i envy ur fotos ha..
ur becoming very good by the day

Phoenix said...

@ chase: still waiting for my nude model hehehe any takers?

secret la anay! said...

hahah! can you accept thin wanna be models like me?heheh


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