Saturday, October 27, 2007

On Blogging

There are no hard rules to blogging, and that’s the main reason for diversity. There is a blog out there with every imaginable theme, topic, tone, and whatnot. We blog for different reasons, and we also have a different set of criteria to measure our fulfillment.

I find it funny. I didn’t even know what a blog was five months ago, and now I’m hooked into the whole thing. Blog communities, widgets, links, templates, profiles, you name it. Of course, I got nosebleeds trying to figure out what html, csv, xml, rss mean. The best part however, aside from self-expression, is the interaction you get with fellow bloggers and virtually anyone who strays into your website.

Bored? You can find a humor blog or perhaps something that would cater to your interest. Confused? Now there are a lot of blogs discussing issues (gay issues mainly, at least in our side of blogosphere) and perhaps you can find clarity in their discussions. Blogging is a whole new way of connecting with people.

“I get what you are saying.” “That happened to me before.” “Thank you for posting this.” Through our articles, our minds are enclosed in the same single thought. That is just fantastic. Each blogger brings his own flavor, and so I say- bring it on! Long live bloggers!

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