Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lost Photos

Once again I was cleaning my files, and then I found these. A screenshot of my blog May 18, 2007.
LOL! I miss that biatch. I'll see you soon twinsis!
Mr. Crab inside a 1.5 Coke bottle.
Totoy Thad with braces. yikes!
My friend, fellow TM, Sex and the City addict, and iskolar ng bayan Chona- in a rare photo of the apartment I used to rent in Makati. (Notice my obsession with candles and lights)
Sniff. Here she is wearing a beautiful dress. She met the man of her dreams while we were working at Info, a year later they were married in his hometown in Texas. Aww. Miss ya Chona! Congratulations, soon-to-be Mom!!

1 comment:

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