Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Collection (repost)

For new visitors, here are my favorite posts- they pretty much sum up my writing. So go ahead and click the links. You may also use the Categories link on the upper right corner of the webpage. Ciao!

Five Common Misconceptions About Gay People and Allow me To Clear it Up for You There is a newer, less catty version. Or you could choose the old one in the archives.

Six Guys to Avoid An FYI for those who just started dating.

What Some Guys Say Before They Take You to Bed Oh yeah, we’ve heard them all before.

The X Factor Peer into the secrets of straight guys.

Wanna Be on Top? PNTM Cycle 2 My take on the new PNTM.

The Look of Love Yuri. Sigh.

Konsensya A two-part office kilig-fest.

A Conversation with An Angel I have two other posts, but this is the original.

The Long Weekend A semi true-to-life short story.

Bullfrog Battles One of the few that made it to print (wholesome kasi).

Fool’s Gold To all families of OFWs, read this.

FYI On Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality by the APA.

Transitions Journey to being a leader. Look for Part 2 in the August posts; watch out John Maxwell!

Tumbling A not-sot-typical day at school.

Uncommon Teaching Strategies Homage to UP.

Thoughts on Sanction Regulation An opinion.

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