Friday, August 24, 2007

True Love and the Elusive Mr. Right

I’ve stopped looking. Seriously. It wasn’t just about the lack of great dates, or the lack opportunities, it was simply because I’ve gotten tired of “the game”.

You know what I’m talking about. Boy meets boy, sparks fly on the first date, and bam! It turns into a one night stand. So where is the love? I couldn’t answer that myself.

I’ve gone from conservative to promiscuous and back, and all I ever got was a lousy two-month pseudo relationship. I’ve never been in love, though I’ve cried many times on what-might-have-beens with some guys I’ve dated but never quite bore fruit a lasting relationship with.

Maybe it’s because I’m picky. Or maybe the chemistry isn’t right. Or maybe both? I always managed an excuse. At some point, I decided to stop storyboarding my romances, and see where the wind takes me.

My friend says true love is hard work. Relationships evolve, from the initial fire of the beginning parts of dating to that mellow companionship of two people whose relationship had matured over a period of time. When you love someone, a married friend confided, you adjust and you compromise. It’s a decision you must make.

So will I ever find that? I’m as clueless as I’ve ever been, but I do believe when he comes knocking on my door, I’ll recognize it’s him.

Ah, Love.


Anonymous said...

hi thad,

thought you were in a relationship.hehe.

yup, went home to tacloban. waray ko ikaw kakit-i ha downtown.haha. it was same old tacloban. nothing spectacular, nothing breathtaking, but i was excited when i packed my bag and rushed to the centennial airport.i always feel excited when i go home, even if i know that i would be seeing the same tacloban. it's the heady anticipation of being home.

it's home. nothing changes that.

Phoenix said...

@ anonymous: nada, as in zero hehe
Yup, tacloban never changes- which is one of the facts why i love this city, strangely enough

Beejing said...

Thad, elusive it is. I feel the same way too. Hope we all get the best of our lives.

Tacloban is really nice. If you have a chance visiting cebu. Drop me a message.

Phoenix said...

@ beejing: I'll certainly do = ) If you are in Tacloban drop me a line

chase said...

you never know if he is just trying to get into your pants. that is the flaw in gay relationships. well, i think all relationships. But in M2M, sex is very easy and i think it has become casual.
it makes it hard to find true love.
but don't give up yet thad!
its somewhere out there.
beneath the pale moon light.
someones thinking of you
and loving you tonight..

Phoenix said...

@ chase: hahahahaha! kumanta daw ba? true, guys can just have sex without emotional attachments (unlike girls), hence the probability of a date turning into a one night stand is high.. Kaya conservative na ako ngayon. Ching!

pepe M. said...

when the right guy comes thad,thers that thing called 'sparks' ;) then savour it!

it will come sweety! it will!

Phoenix said...

@ pepe m: there's this guy i see weekdays in the afternoon sa church.. sya na kaya? LOL! joke lang Lord! ikaw pa rin ang reason bakit ako nagsisimba = )

Beejing said...

Speaking of Mr. Right. There's this one guy (we call him "maya" by the way) who keeps on checking my friendster acct. Wah! We even work on the same company and worse on the same account - on the the same office floor, a different line of business though. We haven't talked nor exchange even a single word. My friend's say he could be the "Mr. Right Person" - I feel so High Schoolish **blushing**

Thad, you're one Great Blogger. I Love your entries. Keep em' coming.

Phoenix said...

@ beejing: Nakakakilig and story mo!! hehe Go over and say hi! Malay mo, he's THE ONE. Do I hear wedding bells? hehe Seriously, go out and have coffee or dinner with him = )

Beejing said...

Thad, that I do not know if it'll happen. We had brief encounters during breaks. He's alone and I'm alone smoking but we, i mean I could never find time to at least say "hi"

We used to brush elbows during Saturday Night Parties, but we never talk. It's just that I feel tension when he's around, I'm sure he feels the same way too, it shows in the way he glance back... or ... I'm just dreaming... hehe!

Phoenix said...

@ beejing: happend to me before = ) just be friendly.. you guys don't have to get married naman diba? even if you dont ask him out just say hello.. or have a friend introduce you = ) exciting naman may prospect ka hehe


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