Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Letter to Anamarie

Dear Ate Anamarie David-Cavanero,

I have a new nickname for you: GC. Gorgeous Centenarian? Gregarious Chimera? Grade Conscious! I noticed your name comes up first when they announce the results of the midterm exams and unit tests alike, while me, Stephanie and Gelo, in various orders, come in after. Hmph!

I never knew a matter of 2-6 points could make all the difference. I observed you during one of our exams with your brow knit in concentration. As for me, I don’t bother to dissect any further. If I’m unsure of the answer, I simply pick my best guess and move on- I just wanted to get the hell out of there! I admire your persistence. For that I’ll stop watching foreign films during exam week and read as diligently as you do ; )

Seriously though, I think you deserve a pat in the back. It’s not easy to be a mother of two kids and make good with school responsibilities at the same time- and on top of that you have to deal with a bitch of a commute from Alang-alang to Tacloban daily. Hats off to you!!

I just love our conversations (over French fries and sundaes) about life stories, school issues, and virtually anything our delightfully unhinged minds touch. Grabe ka mang-okray ha! I admire you as a woman. I remember the stories you told me when you eloped with your husband, fought against the odds while in the big city, and finally your transformation to a mother. I learned a lot, so from the bottom of my nonexistent uterus, I thank you.

In closing, I just wanted to say that the top position is yours for the meantime, but still up for grabs in the 2nd half of the semester (Finals!). We are certainly going to try and wrestle for it, but for now suot mo ang Koronang Itim. Hahahaha!




Anonymous said...




Phoenix said...

@ anonymous: I loove Ane, and I love to annoy her hahaha! She got a laugh when I handed her the letter = )

Anonymous said...

Now dat something to stive on... u can do it UP boy!!! =)

Phoenix said...

@ josh: Ate Ane's from Diliman as well


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