Sunday, August 5, 2007

150th Post

I have this habit of posting something a little personal every time I reach 50 posts. This is my 150th, so I’m writing this. I always get a little sappy; after all, my blog is sort of my own artwork- pieces of my life patched together, painted over, interpreted and rendered, hoping that it shows me in my truest form.

A classmate once said she learned more about me through my blog than interacting with me in class. True, since back in my closeted days, I was a very reserved person. I Never really talked about my personal life and I averted questions on romance and relationships. Indeed these jumbled entries have completed its purpose of freeing me.

Looking back at my previous posts, I was quite amused by the changes in the tone of my writings. A very angry, catty mood manifested itself in the beginning, changing into provocative, to silly, to mellow, and finally a laid back tone for the more recent posts. These changes in hues actually reflected the colors my personality took on, as it adapted new sensibilities.

I just wanted to say thanks to the folks who regularly read my stuff. Haha pasensya na, not all of my entries are good, but I do try ; ) Growth, after all takes time, and I hope one day I wake up and be this grown-up person I’ve always wanted to be. For the mean time, bear with me.

For the people I see in school everyday.. Hmm. Sorry din, I know I can be a little “out there” sometimes. It’s a given already that I’m a little weird, so try not to be surprised ; ) My colorful moods go as quickly as they come, so just talk to me.


Mark Xander said...

You're so relate-able. ;) Only, my closing spiel at PS was "Is there anything else I can help you with? Thank you for calling Expedia." :)

Phoenix said...

@ mark xander: Those were the days hehe ; )

cant_u_read said...

oh gosh! i have a lot of catching up to do.

Anonymous said...


am so glad that you have blogged, because if you did not, i may never have truly known you.

i have seen you from way way back, and have dismissed you as just another guy. nothing interesting. nothing spectacular. until i chanced upon this blog.

it's only now that i have learned that you can write. and you're interesting. and you sometimes write spectacular stories.

thank you dude. and keep heralding us with wonderful stories.

Phoenix said...

@ cant_u_read: Hello Rye! Naku ok lang yun hehe Haven't had the chance to browse myself.. midterms na kasi

Phoenix said...

@ anonymous: Thanks for the kind words ; ) You know, I've realized writing or perhaps any other abilities we have are just borrowed. The best ones we make are those that are about people and their struggles. Hay naku, I just hope I don't disappoint Him. hehe well, at least I know now its not about me, but about the lessons we learn in life = )Cheers!

self-sufficient parasite said...

congratulations on your 150th! ang bilis namang dumami ng babasahin.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad u still keep on growing thadie, as u said, u look at life in a different perspective, and thnks a lot to these blogging things, i may have never know u & mark! :-)

Phoenix said...

@ self-sufficient parasite: Thanks! ; ) It's always great to have you here..

@ josh: Amen to that = )

Mark Xander said...

Sikat na sikat na talaga ang Thadie! :) Wow! Your counter's on fire!

Parang kailan lang..

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you for disproving that you can't blog while studying in our school (which exhorts us nothing else but to work and pray. no play. darn!) at the same time.
You're the only writer I know who doesn't need to get "in the zone" to start scribbling something that really makes sense (on your notebook and basically anywhere you can lay your pen-wielding hand on)and string them together in no time. Unlike me. I guess that's what real, innate talent is.
And I have yet to see you fuss over ANY school stuff, or cram for some exam. Like I normally do. Like what the average majority in school engage in, like, everyday. How do you do it!? You casually traipse in class like you've just had another spa session, midterms season or not. Bilib na talaga ako sa beauty routine mo! Effective!

Yup. I guess it's a gift.

And if ever you insist you're "weird", that's because you always do it like no one else does. and it always works. Efforlessly. Charot!

Congratz on your 150th post! ;)


Phoenix said...

@ my classmate: Thanks ha! = ) I can't tell you how much that means to me.


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