Friday, August 24, 2007

Splat! Society Columnist Takes a Fall

Oh no, you didn't! Was the only reaction I could muster, as my blood began to boil after I read the offending article. If you are not aware of what Ms. Fernandez had written in People Asia, click on these links: Part 1 and Part 2.

"..I forgot that the hub was Dubai and the majority of the OFWs (overseas Filipino Workers) were stationed here. The duty-free shop was overrun with Filipino workers selling cell phones and perfume. Meanwhile, I wanted to slash my wrist at the thought of being trapped in a plane with all of them...

On my way back, I had to bravely take the economy flight once more. This time I had already resigned myself to being trapped like a sardine in a sardine can with all these OFWs smelling of AXE and Charlie cologne while my Jo Malone evaporated into thin air..."

People Asia, June 2007

".. I, on the other hand, am just perennially stressed just by living in this godforsaken place in the Third World.."

Manila Standard, May 10, 2007

It is inexcusable for anyone to look down on people, and it is shocking to hear it from a fellow Filipino. I'm surprised that the blatant callousness of Ms. Fernandez's article was approved for print, knowing the possible reactions of millions of OFWs and their families.

Both my parents worked in Saudi, my father staying almost 15 years to put food on the table, and send my brothers and I to school. I cannot even begin to imagine the hardships, the loneliness, and the sacrifices that my father made as he worked in a foreign country away from his family. How dare this pretentious poseur malign domestic helpers and other OFWs who are trying to make an honest and decent living!

Ms. Fernandez ought to live someplace else if she is so stressed living in this "godforsaken place in the Third World". She is so obsessed with material things and appearances that her writings reflect the superficiality of her character. I bet the people in high society she worships and writes for are now shaking their heads at her major faux pas.

Word gets around

A group of Filipino journalists in the Middle East demanded an apology from Ms. Fernandez, as parts of the offending article were posted, discussed, and commented upon in a number of blogs and forums. Clamor for her resignation was evident in every single e-mail sent by outraged Filipinos to the said publications.

In response, an indignant Ms. Fernandez issues a statement that put nails to her coffin:
"Just recently, I wrote a funny article in my magazine column and my friends thought it was hilarious. It was humorous and quite tongue-in-cheek, or at least I thought so, until the magazine got a few e-mails from people who didn’t get the meaning of my acerbic wit. The bottom line was just that I offended the reader’s socioeconomic background. If any of these people actually read anything thicker than a magazine would find it very funny. Most people don’t get that they need bitches like me to shake up their world, otherwise it would be boring and mediocre. I obviously write for a certain target audience and if what I write offends you, just stop reading."
And the b*tch goes down..
Don't get me wrong, I am merely qouting the pet name she has for herself. They say "You reap what you sow", and rightfully justice gets served- on a hot platter. These articles from GMA and ABS CBN just came out recently:
Her final statement:
I am humbled by the vehement and heated response provoked by my article entitled ‘From Boracay to Greece!’ which came out in the June 2007 issue of People Asia. To say that this article was not meant to malign, hurt or express prejudice against the OFWs now sounds hollow after reading through all the blogs from Filipinos all over the world. I am deeply apologetic for my insensitivity and the offensive manner in which this article was written, I hear you all and I am properly rebuked. It was truly not my intention to malign hurt or express prejudice against OFWs.As the recent recipient and target of death threats, hate blogs, and deeply personal insults, I now truly understand the insidiousness of discrimination and prejudice disguised as humor. Our society is bound together by human chains of kindness and decency. I have failed to observe this and I am now reaping the consequences of my actions. It is my fervent hope that the lessons that Ive learned are not lost on all those who through anonymous blogs, engaged in bigotry, discrimination, and hatred ( against overweight individuals , for example )I take full responsibility for my actions and my friends and family have nothing to do with this. To date I have submitted my resignation letters to both the Manila Standard and People Asia, on that note may this matter be laid to rest.



chase said...

buti sa kanya.
she should be burned on a stake.
no wait...
lechon-nin nalng natin.

Phoenix said...

@ chase: It's hard no to say mean things about her.. magre-react ka talaga! You should check the site of the OFWs na nag-comment. I do hope she's learned her lesson, masyado syang feeling!

Anonymous said...

kindness begets kindness, we should all do our part and start in our homes! :) Yes she was careless and hope learned her lessons!

Phoenix said...

@ josh: I hope she did..


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