Saturday, August 11, 2007

5 Common Misconceptions About Gay People- And Allow Me to Clear It Up For You (Ver 2)

Misconception: A mistaken thought, idea, or notion.

We are weak.

Perhaps it is the quality of being effeminate that led most people to harbor this notion. In a macho world where males have to be brutish to assert their power and dominance, any male who shows emotion or fails to throw a ball or engage in “manly activities” is inferior. It is a sad truth that many, especially people who are uneducated or those who fail to open their minds, still subscribe to this antiquated belief.

But we all know real strength is in the spirit, and gay people and members of the fairer sex alike, have demonstrated the power of determination and persistence. It is an amazing feat for young gay men, who journey through childhood and adolescence being ridiculed and criticized for their lack of masculine stance, to achieve great heights in whatever industry they choose. Overcoming such unjust treatment, which more often than not manifest feelings of confusion (“Why me? Why am I like this?), shame, and self loathing, is certainly no easy task.

We jump at every man we see.

Some straight males, especially those who had an unfortunate experience with a gay person, may tend to generalize this to the entire populace. If we follow that line of thinking, then if for example, a person of a different race or culture does something atrocious, would it be fair for us to assume that the rest of his people are inclined to do such a thing? Conduct is specific to a person!

Or this notion could simply be a huge ego stroke for straight men who believe all gay men are attracted to them. Ugh.

We are too emotional.

Once again, this is not true for all gay men. As a matter of fact, all human beings, whether man or woman, gay or straight, at some point in their lives have the capacity of harboring strong emotions. This should not be stereotyped as a “gay quality”.

We are all effeminate and love to wear women’s clothes

This may be true for gay men who cross dress, but a lot of gay men are also happy with their own looks and don’t feel the compulsion to dress and look like a woman. There are so many levels that encompass the whole spectrum: from the most effeminate to straight-acting gay men. Gayness is not defined by sheer stance and wardrobe, so this should be removed as with other erroneous notions about gay men.

We are much more immoral than straight people and will surely go to hell.

Homosexuality and Catholicism are probably the most difficult to reconcile. The bible is very specific (in the book Leviticus) that it is forbidden for a man to have sexual relations with another man. It is truly difficult to find answers to questions like: Is being gay a sin? Does God still love homosexuals? Is it an absolute that gay people not express their love and intimacy physically like a man and a woman would?

To this day, the answers still elude us. But one thing is for certain: only God, not other people can make judgments.

Are gay people much more immoral than straight people? It all certainly boils down to personal conduct. The emphasis is on refraining from making judgments; after all, we are not in a position to do so.

The Bottomline:

Sexual orientation should never be an issue. Prejudice and bigotry spring from these mistaken notions, and they should be struck from people’s minds.

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