Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Retraction?

Hardly. But I do want to clarify something. I don’t want to be misquoted, or perhaps have people misconstrue the post as a rant, or a form of disrespect, or insubordination. I have nothing but respect for the people in the Nursing Faculty. I think they are doing a wonderful job, evidenced by the fine nurses the school has produced, not to mention impressive and consistent passing rate for the board exams. Hands down, this is the best Nursing school in the region.

The reason why I am a student is because I want to learn, and that in itself suggest that I know less of Nursing processes than the Clinical Preceptors. I’m not at all saying I know everything, because this field is totally alien to me. The Clinical Preceptors are there to function as our mentors.

I do know, a thing or two about people management, and the purpose of the post was to voice out my thoughts and suggestions on how certain processes can be improved. From the introduction itself, I clarified that I was merely expressing my point of view to my readers, given my right to free speech.

I stand by my opinion, really. Whether it is heard or not, whether it is implemented or not, is no longer my concern. I was able to voice it out- that was all I was after, rather than just do as others do who share the same sentiments- sit back and say nothing.


Anonymous said...

heheh, is this a reply from my comment yesterday, thad?!=} So far, I was the only person who gived you negative comment.heheh

S'( --)

Phoenix said...

@ anonymous: your comment did allow me to think further, and I was a bit worried people might misqoute me or something so I needed to make some clarifications. What really made me write this was because early yesterday, at the Sportsfest I was mingling with a lot of people- students and faculty alike, and was happy that we get to be in an informal setting. I thought this really is still a new school and still on the process of expanding and improving.. We can't expect everything to be perfect right away. And I also don't want people to think I'm pompous or anything.. Vocal maybe(since very few people have guts to really express themselves especially on delicate issues), but I still recognize and respect authority = ) Naloka ako sa haba ng reply! haha!

Phoenix said...

@ anonymous: In addition, I actually appreciate your comments whether its positive or negative ;) Masaya nga di ba, this is a forum and I hope people will get to voice out what's on their minds, rather than just keep it in.

Anonymous said...

heheh... I'm sorry for having you stressed out by that comment of mine. But, atleast, It's all clear now.heheh gud morning!=')

scholasas said...

Ei, thad!=) got my own blog already!heheh Lastnight,I was envious (aw-a-non in short) enough to have my own as well.heheh Balit, I intend to showcase my not-so-good artworks of mine and practicing my not-so-bad-but-crazy grammar (just feel free to critique my work thad, I'll appreciate it, eventhough it's negative, much better!).hahah So out of curiousity of this blogging world our yours, I ended up registering myself as well >sigh<. anyway, It's still underconstruction. nyahahaha=)

Phoenix said...

@ anonymous: All in a day for a drama queen hehehe ; ) No trouble at all = )

Yey! You started a blog as well!! The more the merrier = )


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