Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Multitude of Challenges

It was low tide, and a thousand starfish lined the beach. A little boy was walking along the shore, the sun was scorching hot, and soon some of the starfish had begun to die. Realizing this, the boy picked up a single starfish, and threw it into the deeper waters. He picked up another, and again threw it into the water.

A man notices the little boy, and asks him. “Little boy, what are you doing?”

“I am throwing these starfish into the water so that they will live.” The boy replies.

The man looks at the landscape before him. The beach stretched out for miles, and the starfishes were spread out on the shore, as countless as the sand. He turns to face the boy.

“You can’t save all of those, you know.”

The boy smiles, “Yes, but I can save this.” He says, picking up an orange-colored starfish and throwing it into the sea.

“And this!” He smiles to the man, picks up another starfish and again throws it in the water.

“And this.” And so the boy continued to save as many starfish as he could.

I heard this story weeks ago, but up until now it stays in my mind. Like most people, I’m the type who gets overwhelmed at times at the enormity of problems. Sometimes I just abandon all hope and leave it all up to fate. But the simple wisdom of the little boy tells us we need not save everybody or do everything that needs to be done to know that you have helped and made a difference.


stephy^ said...

Aww..You're becoming sentimental these days.;P

But I really liked that story. Makes me want to get my act together too, and finally start to really STUDY! And pursue my passions just like you do.

Phoenix said...

@ stephy: Pag STUDY na kita!!! As in!! haha

chase said...

perfectionist? your a virgo?

anyway, that is a very good advice.
if you can't save every person in the world.
try to save the world one person at a time. =)

Phoenix said...

@ chase: Scorpio = ) You seem like a scorpio with that profile pic you have hehe ; ) Yup, di lang yun.. even if we have a lot to accomplish, we can just to it one at a time.. I'm sure you'll get something done that counts ; )

chase said...

hehehehe.. virgo ko.
virgo the virgin.
so inappropriate. hehehe


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