Saturday, August 4, 2007

What Color Are You?

Our eyes are so amazing- they can express emotions and tell a lot of stuff without your lips moving. Altering your eye color is yet another way to express one’s self. If it’s your first time to use lenses, make sure to consult with your ophthalmologist, they should be able to answer your questions, and show you the how-to’s.

By experience, the most comfortable lenses I tried (there are two types- but I usually prefer disposable lenses because they are less pricey than their extended wear counterparts) were Colorblends. They also offer the most natural looking colors (read: you won’t look like Muning, your cat, when you go out on the streets) which are usually three shades blended beautifully to create that luminous wide-eyed look.

They sell them at around P1,500 and they come with a free kit consisting of a pouch, a contact lens case, and a small bottle of contact lens solution. So, what color looks best on you? It all depends on a lot of things: your skin tone, eye color (some are just tints to enhance your existing eye color), your mood, and the look you are trying to achieve.

Me? I go for colors that make my eyes pop, sans mascara and/or fake lashes. Lighter skin tones have the advantage of being able to pull off even the most dramatic hues. Here are some of my observations:

Brown- Almost the same as my eye color, its a little lighter towards the pupil, creating that “halo” look. Too subtle if you ask me.

Turquoise- Very similar to Blue. If you want a dramatic look you can try Green or classic Blue.

Blue- The shade I’m wearing on the header above. I love the color because it almost looks like I was born with it (Charot!). It’s dramatic enough to make my eyes pop. Looks good even in sunlight.

Grey- Looks good on few people (very beautiful people, I suspect). If you are still experimenting, try to put this at the bottom of your list. I had grey contacts before and I rarely used them.

Green- Very dramatic.

Amethyst, Topaz, etc.- These are usually limited colors that contact lens makers sell. Great for parties and that over-the-top look. Don’t wear outside in daylight because there will be some staring and pointing ; )


Mark Xander said...

My contacts are Freshlook Hazel Browns.. My natural eye color is black.

And.. those lips. ;)

Phoenix said...

@ mark xander: haven't tried those yet ; )

Anonymous said...

I'm a natural dark brown eyed Asian... colored contacts, though, are the height of vanity. Nothing like colored lenses to say "I got fake eyes because I want attention"

Phoenix said...

@ anonymous: Different strokes for different folks = ) For some it may be the height of vanity, but for some it's not really that big a deal..


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