Tuesday, August 7, 2007

EB-able Pics: Sayonara!

To conservative readers, I apologize. I was on the process of cleaning my hard drive, when I found them in one of the folders. I’ve had my fair share of EBs (eyeball), and usually I would post these pics on my profile to “lure” my prospective dates. (Haha!)

For the record, I’m done with this phase. I’ve moved on to a more sensible, mature dating attitude (charot!) that doesn’t anymore result in prospective relationships turning into mere one night stands. So allow them to take their final bow, as I delete them from my PC. These pics have provided my g4m account a constant barrage of Hi’s, Hello’s, propositions, lewd remarks, love confessions, and many more. If anything, I was constantly entertained. Oh well, those were the days ; )

Warning: may cause temporary blindness hahaha!




Thadie!.. For a while there, I thought I was in Tiggah's blog. Hehe :-)

pepe M. said...

hahahaha! pwes i need to meet you soon after seeing those bulges...hahahaha joke bro! hugs!

Anonymous said...

well these collection of pix are indeed cool!!!! tnx for sharing it! so r those d blue contacts???

Phoenix said...

@ pepe m: hehe kaw talaga ; )

@ josh: gray ones = )

@ mark: not yet, anyway ; ) Yup, I know of the town but I've never been there.. Perhaps my ancestors are from there, but my father said our lolos came from Bohol.

chase said...

after seeing the 3rd photo, i have got to link you.. hehehehe
love the blog.


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