Monday, August 13, 2007

Two Sad Lovesongs

I had the strangest dream. It was really silly, yet sad at the same time. You’ll get a laugh out of this, I’m sure.

I was in a park. Remember that part in the Japanese Garden in Luneta, where there’s sort of a walkway through the water? I was standing there, but the floor were wooden planks instead of concrete, and it was drifting and moving like it was afloat.

I notice this fair-skinned lady in front of me, and later I realize its.. Regine! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, it was like shooting a music video in my head. She was singing a sad Filipino ballad (can’t remember what), and emoting like she always does.

I didn’t approach her, instead I stay a few meters behind as I walked forward to wherever the path led to. At some point I felt a bump (like when a bamboo raft finally arrives in shallow waters and it gets stuck in the sand), and the moving stopped.

Suddenly I was inside a huge building of glass and steel. From the inside, I could see a courtyard outside with a big granite fountain and people milling about. It was like a scene from RCBC plaza, or from LKG Tower looking out. The music, has changed, and Regine had faded away somewhere.

I hear the opening strains of Lea Salonga’s “I Remember the Boy”. And while the song is playing, I try to make my way outside. My footsteps sound on the marble floors and I see this skyscraper just out side the doors. I was curious to see how tall it was.

I opened the glass doors while people whizzed past me. Sunlight hits my face and I look up to see how tall the building is.. but it just goes on and on and I couldn’t see the top.


eon said...

anong repressed memory kaya ito?

Phoenix said...

@ eon: hahaha! I'm clueless ; ) Anyone who can interpret dreams? Ang alam ko lang water=sex

Anonymous said...

it goes on and on, parang dream ni jacob of a stairs leading 2 heaven. Fan k ni regine & leah ryt?

Gud thing u remember these things upon waking up! =)

Phoenix said...

@ Josh: When I woke up at 3am, I blogged about it right away ; )

Anonymous said...

Thaddeus, (okey fine, Thad,)--> napilitan lang,

there is a website for dream interpretations. i also have recurring dreams and i have dreams that are so real, my recollection the morning after would be very vivid.

anyway, go to google, and search for "dream meanings," you'll find that there are a lot of websites which would offer you their two-cents worth.

hala cg pamilnga na.

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

I don't remember any of my dreams. When I do it's always a dejavu. Like I would dream I'd already woken up and showered, when in reality I'm still sleeping in bed.

Phoenix said...

@ john halcyon von rothschild: I get those too! ; ) But usually only in turning points in my life, not on ordinary days..


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