Sunday, August 26, 2007

All in a Day

Repression, pressure, responsibilities..

The reasons why I blog had evolved in the span of three months: I came out through it, I attempted to entertain readers, but through it all one thing was constant- my blog remained my journal and my confidant.

Memories, small victories, failures, experiences, observations, opinions, kalandians, every tear, every laugh, every hue that colored my life found its way in this corner of cyberspace. I’ve allowed myself to be completely transparent in my blog.

There would always be a reason why I can’t just blurt things out in real life- but here, I can say anything I want (provided that I take responsibility, of course). Strangely, I feel comfort at the thought that people do hear me, however remotely. Maybe discrimination against gay people won’t ever go away completely, but at least I get to speak about those experiences here, and sometimes that is enough for me.

But it’s not always so serious.. I’ve always imagined I’d meet him through my blog. Here are the favorite scenarios I play in my head:

I am walking nonchalantly and a guy approaches me.

Hunky guy: “Are you Thad? I love your blog..”

Thad (smiling shyly) : “Er, thanks.”

Hunky guy: “Now turn around so I can screw you silly.”

Thad: “Ok!”


A popular young playboy comes up to my table as I’m having my lunch.

Playboy: “Thad?”

Thad: “Yes?”

Playboy: “Baby, I’ve left all my girlfriends for you. They all pale in comparison.. You are Aphrodite’s incarnation!”

Thad (batting my lashes): “If you say so.”

Playboy: “May I kiss your hands?”

Thad: “But of course!”

I seemed to have digressed, so I’ll just wrap it up. My blog is where I whisper all the things in my mind, and I hope that wind blows far, and touch other people.


chase said...

hahahahahah.. ang bonga ng mga daydream mo ha!
pang telenovela. . i mean, pang bitoys. hehehe
i have the same weird daydreams of my own. hehe

i have exactly the same reason as you have why i blog.
we are free here.

Phoenix said...

@ chase: hehe wish ko lang magkatotoo. are you studying as well? punta ka dito pag bakasyon.. i need a travel buddy sa sem break = )

pepe M. said...

oh yeah babe, it has touched me to the core!

Phoenix said...

@ pepe m: that's good to hear = )

chase said...

yup, nag work b4 but continued post grad studies. heheh
bakasyon?? wow!!
cge bah!
but i wonder what my hubby thinks of bakasyon over ther. hheheheheh

ei,kaw ba yan sa profile pic half naked with a digicam?
yummy xa ha!
nice pecs

Phoenix said...

@ chase: sure, punta kayo. I'd be happy to show you guys around = )

Anonymous said...

dreams r made of these, malay mo maging reality. wow, mag eb c chase at c thadie... cebu to leyte, y not? kelan ba tayo makapunta boracay at mapag-ipunan??? hehehe

Phoenix said...

@ josh: Bora? The last time I was there, nagtratrabaho pa ako = ) Ngayon Samar ang pinakamalapit sa amin na mga white sand beaches.. Di kasing fun yung nightlife pero maganda and sceneries = )

chase said...

tnx thad for the invite.
hahanapid kita talaga pag mag bakasyon ako jan..!


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