Tuesday, March 17, 2009


1st novel ever read: Doomsday Conspiracy and a string of other novels by Sidney Sheldon (because of the dirty parts hehe) when I was 12.

1st movie ever seen: Una kang Naging Akin with Ate Shawie, Gabby and a very young Dawn Zulueta. I was about 9 when Mama tagged me along the theater.

1st crush: My hunky classmate from DWU.

1st time I cried publicly: this incident.

1st time I kicked ass, literally: sparring with a neighbor's son at 10.

1st fantasy: Our hunky neighbor who I accidentally (daw!) saw wearing tighty whities in his room.

1st kiss: Jon.

1st BF: Jon. Length of relationship: 2 months.

1st you-know-what: My friend Dale. Hahaha!

1st tattoo: Egyptian Scarab on my right tricep, now lasered off.

1st time I got scared because of a movie: The Ring (Japanese Original Version).

1st time I cried because of a movie: Brokeback Mountain, then Bangkok Love story and The Love of Siam.

1st time I cried on a date: we watched Passion of the Christ.

1st time I kissed a girl: on a drunken 27th birthday.

1st job: Customer Service Representative.

1st extravagant purchase: a digital camera I bought in cash for Php21,000.

1st vacation: Puerto Galera, Mindoro.

1st mountain retreat: Sagada, Mountain Province.

1st hair-raising experience: my first time assisting a delivery.

1st OR Case: TURP (Transurethtral Resection of the Prostate), with the male patient spread-eagled before us, while the surgeon inserting a long instrument through his peen hole. The Fates might have been playing a joke on me.

1st article to ever get published: Bullfrog Battles.

1st short story: this was included in a literary folio.

1st blog: The Emancipation of Thadie!


scholasas said...


My mga first ka rin?

I thought of that too, pero nakasulat parin siya sa hangin...


hindi kasi ako magaling mag write huhuh...

Thadie said...

@ scholasas: gogogo! surat la ; ) it's your blog after all

Anonymous said...

hmmnn.. so OK na pala ang tatoo mo??? :-)


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