Thursday, March 19, 2009

Peeling the Carrot

Waking up with an appendage pointing north can be quite exciting for someone with hedonistic tendencies. But instead of shaking the stick I put on my running shoes and shorts(sans the fancy underwear, thank you) and grabbed my phone so I can go jogging. Nice run, except when I got back I still had it.


scholasas said...

WaAaHhoow... Infairness! I read it twice and I understand it at the later part. wahahah Puede palang isulat ng ganun? hehehe Cute.;D

Mugen said...

I'd rather shake the stick first before going out of my room. Jahe pag bakat sa boxers.

Thadie said...

@ scholasas: I was trying to write it without actually mentioning the word ; )

@ Mugen: my, we are being candid today aren't we? hehe


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