Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yosi Boy

His legs were as thin as bamboo stilts propped on putrid waters,
His skin as dark as burnt clay,
His gait unsteady,
His face impassive as the late afternoon traffic passed him by.

I gazed in mock pity
As his dirty hands touched the glass window,
His eyes pleading,
The boy who sold cigarettes on Avenida begged for a bite of my burger.

Photo: Sidney Snoeck of My Sari-Sari Store


Sidney said...

Very powerful words !
Great you are concerned about the plight of the street children !

Herbs D. said...

and the question; did you gave it to him? :P

Phoenix said...

@ Thanks for allowing me to use your photo Sidney!

@ Herbs D: Honestly, no. I'm as guilty as everybody else, trying to look the other way even as the ills of our present society is very much visible. I guess that was what I was trying to say in that vignette. Needless to say, it'll take more than a mere burger to augment the problem of poverty- even in a small city where I live... Thanks for the visit! :-)

cant_u_read said...

biting. that post was biting.


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