Friday, March 13, 2009

Pêuan ... Goo rák Meung wâ

I just saw Bangkok Love Story on an impulse as I stumbled upon it in an online video site. It had no subtitles and I did not understand a word of what the Thai actors were saying, but I suppose the gestures and nuances were enough to tell the story.

Certainly a quality gay movie (as opposed to most of our “indie films” here, which usually is just an excuse to bare and fornicate on film so aspiring actors can get their 15 minutes of fame), reminiscent of Brokeback Mountain. The cinematography romanticized the otherwise dreary surroundings in urban Bangkok, and one particular scene was my favorite: This scene is now officially included in my all-time favorite love scenes, bumping From Here to Eternity’s famous romp on the beach.

It had all the elements of a Greek tragedy, although I think it may have gone overboard. I was hoping the movie would end with the scene where Chaiwat Tongsang visits Mhek in prison. It was bad enough he went blind, the following scenes were even more depressing- Mhok hanging himself, Mhek’s eventual release from prison, only to be shot. Enough! I don’t want to cry a river for this movie.

But like all past relationships I’ve had, I always return to the good times and not dwell on the tragedy. So, I moved the cursor and clicked on the scene where the assassin and his prey first made love with the world seemingly all to themselves.


ika said...

on the contrary, i was disappointed considering the hype before it got shown in theaters. it drowns in sap. too bad...

Phoenix said...

@ ika: It's no Oscar winner, but its refreshing to find a gay movie that's not focused on the sex part. The melodrama is a bummer, but I'd take this any day than an exploitative flick like the ones we have here :)

Anonymous said...

hmmn.,. i just won a dvd copy (pirated of course) of this film from one of my partying in malate in a valentines raffle (ahheheh) i read dat its tragic, so perhaps i should now start WATCHING IT...aehhehe

hey, magaganda naman yugn ginawa nid direk beau ni vegan prince na lihim ni antonio, lalaki sa parola at Kambyo ha (all these films i have an orig dvd copies)

yeah, i really luvd d movie LOVE OF SIAM. i also wathcd it sa youtube lang...aehhehe... sana nga may sequeal na..:-)

hey r u planning to visit mla soon? hope to meet u again thad :-)


i have the complete video of that movie in my blog

here is the link

Yes I am exactly late for the movies, because I did not know it was also on in Kaohsiung which I did not know. Even if so, I was still late since the DVD was released in May, and I found it in July. In the movie, the characters present the perfect lovers which we might not be lucky enough to meet in the real life. I was totally touched by It, whom Chaiwat Thongsang acts as. He is so loyal, tender, and patient to Mhek. When he first said "Phom Rak Khun" (I love you) to Mhek, I was melted away. I put strong affection on the character because he is just the perfection. In fact, none of the actors in the movies is gay. Besides, knowing Chaiwat Thongsang is only 20 years old, I also felt a little disappointed. But looking at the reality, they are just people who are far away from me even though they were gay. However, I still can't stop thinking about Chaiwat Thongsang. He is the reflection of my expectation. Or, it should be the character It that I strongly fall in love with. Not only Bangkok Love Story, but any other touching movies would take me away. Brokeback Mountain is one. But Bangkok Love Story is the recent one. I don't know how much longer I still won't be about to pull myself back. I will keep wondering where my It is. But somehow I feel very happy to have this way of releasing my feelings.


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