Monday, March 16, 2009

Love of Siam

Before the sex, before the fantasies, before that unexplainable attraction to my hunky high school classmates, there was that pure, steady, mutual dependence with my boyhood best friend. That’s why when I watched Love of Siam, I couldn’t help but think of Nathan- my best friend who I met when I was eight. We had a different ending though, I did not fall in love with him, and he didn’t say he couldn’t be with me as my boyfriend- his family simply migrated to the US when we were in high school. But so unlike Mew who kept the wooden toy his best friend gave him before he left, I did something else with the keepsake Nathan gave.

The scene in the clip shows the sweetest kiss between the two teens, after Mew sang the song he composed for Tong. How romantic sitting under the stars while lip locking- unlike some people whose first kiss was in a cramped Wendy’s restroom.

Seamless and poignant, Love of Siam is a family drama that transcends language barriers, cultural differences, and gender. Sigh. Sana may part two- curious ako kung ano yung nagyari sa voodoo princess extraordinaire na si lola Ying.

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LEO TIU JR.,R.N. said...

I love this movie :D


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