Monday, March 16, 2009

A Gastronomic Challenge

I once read somewhere that one of the greatest things a woman finds fulfillment in as a wife or mother is being able to prepare food for her family. I never thought about it as a big deal- for example, my grandmother, standing beside the range looks at me expectantly as I sample the dish she is cooking. I would impatiently take a sip from the spoon and try my best to come up with a good reply that would please her. The problem was that I wasn't really particular with food. Just give me anything edible, and I wouldn't mind munching on it, sans the fancy china and table cloth.

My Mom also persuaded me before to learn how to cook- my brothers can whip up a meal or two. I, on the other hand can only heat things on the microwave. This proved quite a disadvantage when I left home for college- my dinners consisted mainly of Instant Noodles (that was the only thing I knew how to make).

One of our Clinical Preceptors actually opened his own cooking school for the summer, and I'm thinking if I could perhaps find the time to enroll. My very first anniversary with N. is next month- wouldn't it be great if I could come up with a great dinner from scratch? I'd better start looking for a cookbook...

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