Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good news, Bad news

1.78 (about 87-88% equivalent) at 175 total units- that’s my current standing. Seems a little heartbreaking that my 1.6 cumulative GWA had slipped since the last collegiate year.

Sayang, kasi it would have mattered when applying for a good school for Medicine next year, aside from NMAT scores. The good news is that I have about 57 units to go starting with the Psychiatric affiliation this summer. Kaya pa kaya ang 1.75 overall average???

I guess I need to try a little harder.


ardee sean said...

Go Thad.. kaya mo yan! Break a leg..

scholasas said...

It is still a good news, Thad! may isang taon ka pa. Aja! hehehe

Gram Math said...

wow ur standard for GWA is like cingular's slogan compare to mine, ur raising the bar!!!
best wishes!!!

Thadie said...

@ ardee: Thanks Ardee!

@ scholasas: Amo na ;)

@ Gram Math: Thanks so much


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