Thursday, September 27, 2007

BLOGWATCH: Coconuter

One of the first things that struck me upon reading his blog was a sort of parallelism that I saw in his life to mine. We are both on a journey, though moving in opposite directions. David had a point when he said in his introduction “Almost every Filipino wants to get out of the Philippines”, but I would want to stress on almost- because not everyone here wants to “run away from a diseased third world country”. I could elaborate on it further, but I would digress.

Few people would actually go out and do something radical with their lives to find meaning- and for that I applaud him. For a Filipino-American with an impressive resume, it can almost be perceived as “crazy” for him to leave the comfortable life behind to embark on a journey to find his roots.

His blog tells of his travels, ideas, and experiences. There are a lot of photos (some of them quite good) and poignant narratives. Did he finally find what he was searching for? I’ll definitely stick around to see how his journey turns out. Click here to view his site.


Beejing said...

hahaha! bloghopping huh!

Phoenix said...

@ Beejing: Yup! Check out his site, it's interesting. I've missed you around here Beejing = )

Sofia for BiSEAN said...

Hello Phoenix. Thanks for the comment. It's very insightful. Me and Pisanu was talking about your blog earlier...he said he remembers you we're linked to us once before? You're on of the first links of BISEAN! We're sorry we lost link up. We -relinked you, sweetie. <3

Phoenix said...

@ sofia: Hi Sofia! Thanks for the re-link = ) I hope you guys are enjoying your visit to the Philippines. Don't forget to bring pasalubong for your friends back at home! ; )

chase said...

wow, its been a week i've been gone.. i've missed so much.
i once called coconuter stupid for leaving all in the US. But i admire his courage and strength in coming here.
gud luck to him!

Phoenix said...

@ chase: It would appear that he was going against the ebb, but I have to agree with you that he certainly has guts to undertake that journey.


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