Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Wishlist

I’m about to turn a year older soon (what?!!) and if I were a kid, I’d be reminding my parents what I want for a present just about now. This time though, I have slightly bigger wishes, and I guess only those up in heaven have the power to give it.

Here they are:

For my Mom and Dad to reconcile.

For my brother to see his son for the first time.

For more fruitful and happy years for my 81 year old grandmother.
For Gavin to grow up to be healthy.
And for me to have the strength to face my day to day tasks and challenges.

If it’s not too much to ask Lord, I’d be extremely be grateful if you’d give me a *********. Hahaha! = )


Anonymous said...


I'll pray for those wishes...


Anonymous said...

Prayer makes wonders! yup, i'll keep ur wishlist in mind everytime i pray 'till ur bday! :)

Phoenix said...

@ Nat and Josh: Thanks Guys ; ) Yes, I do believe in prayer..

stephy^ said...'ll be a year older na pala. And it shows. Yes, it does. Your wish list definitely says a lot about your maturity level. And I wished for a digicam and big bucks for my 18th birthday. lol
But don't get me wrong. Your age definitely doesn't show on your skin or face. No creases, no age spots, nada. No paunches and sagging bulges. You could even dupe people into believing you're 20!

Best wishes, Kuya Thad!
Hope you can mark off everything on your wish list someday.

Phoenix said...

@stephy: Thanks Steph! I also hope you get those items on your wishlist = )

Thad said...

I couldn't resist making a postscript three years later... well, the first wish did not happen because of my Mom's heartbreaking passing, but the Lord has been good to our family and the rest came true :-)


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