Sunday, September 30, 2007

You are Truly Pinoy if..

Left: We're pinoy and we love to eat!!
1. You eat pancit or spaghetti as “palaman” for your sliced bread.

2. You eat longanisa and dangit with rice for breakfast.

3. Going home from a party, you’d still eat at home because you think dinner’s not dinner unless there’s rice.

4. There’s always tuyo or bagoong on the table. Speaking of which, you also eat green mango with bagoong. (Yum!)

5. You save tissue paper from restaurants and food establishments as “remembrance”.

6. You crave balot late at night.

7. You’ve eaten isaw, adidas, bopis and other assorted chicken parts except the feathers (you’d save that to use as duster or for your headdress, or as part of your anting-anting).
8. Fiestas are big deal to you.

9. You bring pasalubong after each trip.

10. When you were a kid, you played Langit Lupa, Patintero, Holen, Chinese Garter, Piko, and Sato.
11. You’ve added an “h” to your first name. Jhenny, Dhanny.. Well, Thaddeus has the h already, so there’s no need. Or should it be Thhad? Kidding.

12. Your nickname is one syllable repeated. Yanyan, Tintin, etc. Thad-thad? Too much! LOL

13. You say “Tabi po” when you are in the woods, so as not to anger the spirits.

14. You wear t-shirt and shorts (or heaven forbid, long sleeves) while bathing at the beach.

15. You are an expert in haggling. Once, a vendor was selling you an item for Php 20 and you still asked for “tawad”.

16. You use crappy stuff (kitchen utensils, linens, towels) because you only bring out the good ones when there are visitors.

17. You’d give up your bed for your bisita.

As a bonus, you are definitely Waray if you:

Talk loudly all the time, people think you are angry. Tagalogs, Cebuanos- they talk so melodious, not so much with us. But we’re actually quite jolly ; )

You have a relatively short fuse. (Or is it just me?) May pagka “maisog” (matapang? I’m not sure if that’s the exact equivalent Tagalog term).

No one messes with you. Hehe We pinoys definitely got flava!


the iLocano blogger said...

AKo ay Pinoy kasi mahilig akong kumain ng ice cream na nsa tinapay!

Phoenix said...

@ the ilocano blogger: I forgot to mention that one! hehe Ice cream sandwiches

chase said...

in cebu we call bagoong, hipon. heheh

longganisa and danggit.. ahhh. man.. yummy.. i missed those breakfast.
i wake up 10 am na kasi. brunch na.

i don't eat balot. hehe. napapa ewww kasi ako.

haha.. #13 is very true.. hehe
correct. maisog is matapang.
but the more melodious tone speakers are ilonggo. you can't determine if they're angry at you. hjehehhe

i have a clasmate whose waray. i kinda notice dat. hehe

Phoenix said...

@ chase: we call it hipon here as well.. the loudness of our speaking tone ... definitely palpable hehe


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