Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In Color..

The Altar
Christ's Passion
A Quiet Moment in Prayer
Agnes and Baby Gavin
(Note:the church photos were taken at Sto. Nino Church in Tacloban)


manwolf said...

Nice Images!

Phoenix said...

@ manwolf: Thanks ; )

Anonymous said...

I agree! ganda nag shots mo thad. Prong pro! Ur passion can earn u big bucks my friend! :)

Phoenix said...

@ josh: first, I need a decent SLR digital cam.. = ) habang wala, practice muna

jack ass said...

impresive! the power of photoshop manipulation...

makes me wanted to see more.

keep practicing thad!=)

Phoenix said...

@ jack ass: Nice nickname hehe Is there such a thing as pure photography nowadays? In the advent of software like CorelDRaw, Photoshop, PhotoImpression, they have aided photographers and graphic artists images that could once only be created with sophisticated equipment.. Luckily, it's now available to the masses and amateurs like me ; ) Hay, wish ko pa rin makabili ng decent na slr, pero habang wala.. tinker muna ng ImageReady and the likes. Thanks = ) I'll definitely keep trying! Muah!

jack ass said...

hahah... may pa flying kiss ka pa!=) Anyway... I would like to see sharper images from ur photos. If you are going to study black and white or purely nudity, try experimenting a much greater contrast of white.

By d way, I hvnt seen the facade of St. scho yet!;(

I love still images but the composing is their!

Ur nude photos are great, but, I think or rather I suggest a perspective view. Try nature thad. but dont forget the art's on ur subject naman... heheheh thats all!

and besides, ur SLR can wait till u become pro, ryt?

and also, was the girl whom you are with at the church last wednesday was your model on ur photos?

Phoenix said...

@ jack ass: Hehe nudes are too controversial, with the conservative environment we are in.. probably another time. Thanks for the tips ; ) will definitely do more experiments..

Nature shots, definitely!! I love travelling kasi. How about you? I'm sure you have great skills in photography and graphic arts, otherwise you wouldn't have the practiced eye you used to critique the images.

I'm so excited to encounter another enthusiast! Hehe are you a student as well? If you are vacant just tap me on the shoulder and we can talk about photography and all that stuff.

The girl I was with was just a classmate. The "models" I had in the shoots were Haidy and Julie.. Dunno if you know them, very fun and hilarious. Masayang kasama at marunong mag-pose ang mga bruha = )

chase said...

my golly, ang galing mo na ahh.
these pictures are exquisite.!

Phoenix said...

@ chase: Hehe Thanks! I'll try to take good ones, pag punta mo dito ha! hehe Model slash Law student- now that would be a great subject


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