Sunday, September 23, 2007

Behind the Lens

She sits in the middle of a mangrove forest. Her branches look crooked and tired; this old tree bends humbly at the foot of the mountain. I lift my camera and click once, to pay homage before she succumbs to decay.

Busay is Waray for waterfall. After two unsuccessful attempts in searching for one near Tacloban, I finally happened upon Kandongos. It appeared like an apparition; and although the water was not as voluminous as it should have been (it had been a dry week, and the water was barely trickling) the sound of water was music to the ears. Walking kilometer after kilometer in the middle of nowhere does pay off.

Caibaan. Babatngon. Kandongos.


Tonskie said...

love the shirtless guy.. :P

Phoenix said...

@ tonskie: Thanks dude! ; ) That path was a bit narrow that one of the tripod's legs was almost on the edge, buti di nahulog = ) I had to run back quickly to steady it up after the shot..

Anonymous said...

Now when did i see formyself a real water falls? i think never (huhuhu). Wish i could go to pagsanhan someday just to experience one of mother nature's beauty.

the adventure's of a photograhper-student! :)

Phoenix said...

@ josh: dito sa samar marami!! I'd show you around punta ka lang dito = )

chase said...

hehehe.. i also love the shirless guy.. whos the guy? hehehehehe..
yummy xa. heheheeh

anyway, na inspired ako mag take pics ahh.

Phoenix said...

@ Chase: yey! inspired na rin sya, ako mag pose? ; )


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