Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thad's Take on Women

I love women. All my best friends were biologically female, except for Nathan, who was female only “on the inside”. They are great companions- out to lunch, night outs, and practically in any occasion where I want to just let my hair down.

They do have a few quirks, and what better way to explain these than to give an example: an afternoon of shopping with a female friend.

Enter C. (she wants to remain anonymous), one of my frequent companions back in the office. It was days before the company’s third anniversary, and she asked me to accompany her to Glorietta to buy shoes. Thinking I’ll have a boring afternoon at my place, I agreed- and as it turned out, I got more than I bargained for.

C: “Thadie (she was the one who coined my nickname), do you like the red one or that white stiletto?”

Thad: “I love the red one with the delicate straps. The white one has too much going on with rhinestones and all.. What dress will you be wearing?”

C: “Something slinky. I’m not sure about this yet. Let’s look someplace else.”

Thad (exhaling): “This is the fourth store we’ve been to and the shoes you’ve picked earlier were fine. Basta, make your choice na, I’m getting hungry.”

C: “Sige na.. Lunch is on me! Pretty please?”

We stepped out of the store, leaving three boxes of the shoes she tried on, and headed to the next store. Suddenly, she sees a dress “perfect for the red carpet” as we pass by a boutique.

C: “Tara, I’ll try it on. It looks classy and funky at the same time!”

Thad: (grunts)

She ends up trying on four dresses, and settled on a red, low cut dress. She looked sensational as she stepped out of the dressing room, putting her hair up and trying to decide how she’ll wear her hair. He boobs were practically peeking out, but I was disinterested.

Thad: “Off to lunch!”

C: “Thadie, earrings na lang. I know a perfect place. Tapos we can have lunch, then we can find the perfect shoes to go with the dress!”

As soon as the food arrived, I chowed down without talking. We were seated at a corner in Fridays.

C: “Thadie, have you heard? J is going out with B! She just waited for B to break up with his girlfriend so she can date him.

Thad: “Well, it’s her life anyway.”

C: “Pero ka-cheapan!”

Thad: “Bahala sila sa buhay nila.”

As if on queue, J, hand in hand with B walks in. My friend pokes me in the rib.

J: “C! Thad! Nice to see you guys!”

I smile politely and greeted them both. My friend shows off the dress she bought and chats with J like she’s her bestfriend. The sneakiness astounded me, both women chatted nonchalantly, with their claws probably hidden from each other. It could have been a scene from Melrose Place.

I got home that evening and dropped on my couch, exhausted from the afternoon’s histrionics. I felt like some straight guy who just had a date with his girl, minus the intimacy (yikes!). Still, my friend, like all women has those endearing qualities which I like- she can be strong, kind at times, and incredibly sweet.

I really do love women, but not beyond the friend zone.


chase said...

i don't like shopping with women.. ang tagal nila pumili.. kakapikon. hehehe.
ako rin i'm only allowed to hang out with women kc walang dapat pagselosan.. hehehe
pag may boys na kasama.. hay naku, umaandar na naman ang pagka seloso. hehehe

Phoenix said...

@ chase: tell me about it! naku seloso pala si hubby mo = )

chase said...

hay naku.. presidente sa pagka seloso.. hahaha. okai lng yun basta love nya ko. heheheh


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