Saturday, September 8, 2007

Casio Exilim Pro

If there's anything I'd constantly tag along my travels, its my Casio Exilim Pro (they're not paying me for this, by the way; ) It was my first extravagant purchase last 2005- priced at around Php 21,000. I prayed it would be a wise purchase, since my hard-earned cash savings took a big hit.
Two years later, I confirmed that it was indeed worth every penny. I won't go over the technical mumbo-jumbo, but if you do want to check it out you can click here. I'm obviously an amateur since I never really studied photography, but nevertheless I remain a devotee. This compact camera offer manual controls- you can tweak ISO sensitivity, sharpness, saturation, and metering modes. Up to now, I still have not fully explored what it can do.
What amazes me the most is its durability. Picture this: I'm rapelling down a cave in Sagada, and my Casio gets slammed periodically in the rocks. Clunk! Clunk! Clunk! A few minutes later, I take pictures of the stalactite formations effortlessly. One time, I fell of a banca in Marabut. The cam was inside my backpack which was strapped to my back, as soon as I saw sand I hopped of the banca and.. splash! I was in waist-deep water and my backpack took a dive. Good thing the case I bought was water-resistant and though it was damp, my camera was still functioning. Up the mountains, down rivers, and every imaginable terrain- here's to two years of great photographs.
I've captured lots of moments, thanks to this baby (My Casio). And now I get to watch this baby (my nephew Gavin) grow up. Sagada
The Virgin Mother in Pasig Church
Nanay's 81st birthday
At 30,000 feet
Here he is..


pepe M. said...

adorable nephew there!...yu have a knack in photography honey :)...awesome pics...


Phoenix said...

@ pepe: really cute and adorable ; ) he looks like my brother

Beejing said...


Perpetual Traveler.
Perpetual Photos.

Same here, I always make it a point to bring my Canon Ixus i. One of my best companions, other than my phone of course. :D . Keep those photos coming...

Anonymous said...

i dont know much also on cameras and photoshoots (dats y my only digital camera is my 2pix N70, hehehe)but i believe dat u got one good investment here thadie! Nice pix, all of it! :) (dats d one i saw you with when u were here in mla ryt?)

Phoenix said...

@ beejing: I wanted a canon cam pero mas mahal ata ; )but the lens of the exilim pro is canon so i guess ok na din

@ josh: yup, yun yon = ) mabuti nga wala pang kalawang LOL!

chase said...

i've always wanted to learn photography..
but i don't have a camera. heheheh
i want to but those SLR thingys.
but its kinda expensive..
mag ssave muna me..

i love the pics

Phoenix said...

@chase: kung may pera din ako pag-iipunan ko ang digital slr cam.. nag start sa 50k ata yun e ; ) 50 years din !hehe

chase said...

hahahahah... ganun ba.. thats the cheapest they got?
wow, ang cheap talaga ahh.
mag double time ako sa pag eescort service nito. hahahah


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