Sunday, September 30, 2007

Radial Symmetry in Orchids and Jellyfish

Haven't had a chance to travel this weekend (was planning to go to Rawis in Basey, Samar) because I had a lot of paperwork to do. I just went outside to our backyard and snapped photos of Mama's orchids. One of them is considered endangered- Vanda sanderiana or commonly called Waling-waling which thrived in the forests of Mindanao. The jellyfish was a photo from my files- I caught them in Marabut and placed them in a glass so I could snap a photo.


Anonymous said...

a vanda sanderiana "Waling-waling' cost somewhere from P800 up to thousands of peso. I can't afford to buy such a delicate plant!

Nice blooms you have der. R orange vandas here are also beginning to bloom! :-)

I don't want to be stung by those jellyfish though! hehehe

Phoenix said...

@ Josh: Mama bought that in Davao I think, when she was still a nurse here at Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center.. That jellyfish was actually tiny = )


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