Saturday, September 22, 2007

Landscape shots- Babatngon, Leyte


Mark Xander said...

Hi idol! :) Sensya na, it's been a while.. got so busy and been going through tough times (love, life, personal demons, etc). Now I'm here 'coz I miss your posts..

This is great imagery, Thad. Leyte is beautiful, I hear. I had a close friend in People Support-Cebu, Shiela, who was from Leyte.

Is Waray the primary dialect there or do you understand Cebuano as well?

Phoenix said...

@ Mark Xander: Hi Markie, it's ok = ) Ako nga din I rarely get to browse nowadays... I can only hope (and I know!) you'll have strength to conquer those challenges.

You are persistent in the things you do, and I certainly think you'll be a success. = )

Yeah, Leyte is indeed beautiful and I hope I've captured some of that in my photos.. Waray is the dialect pero kaintindi kami gamay nga Cebuano ; ) hehe Southern Leyte people speak fluent bisaya while us here in Tacloban are pure Waray = )

chase said...

wow, im dying to visit tacloban.. i have a cousin who lives there.

Phoenix said...

@ chase: It's almost sem break, cge I'll show you around = ) Boy scout style nga lang ; ) Just travel around the nice spots in Samar if you are into that kind of stuff too


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