Friday, September 7, 2007

One Fine Day

I flailed my limbs wildly this way and that. This describes my “technique” in diving for lato (an edible, succulent green seaweed). They were lodged in rock crevices among the corals and were quite easy to pick- that is if you can move underwater with ease.

This was my first time with real fishermen, and my diving and swimming spelled a-m-a-t-e-u-r to them. Oh well. I ended up scraping my knee on corals, it didn’t hurt that much (I only noticed it when I got back into the banca). For some reason the seawater acted like an anesthetic and antiseptic, so despite the blood gushing I wasn’t fazed. We moved to the nearby islet.

I sat under the shade of the rocks, and was having lunch with my friends. The fishermen were going to pick us up in two hours while we frolicked in the islet. I pick up a rambutan from the basket, cracked it open and bit on the white meat.

It was sweet, so I picked up another one. And then I noticed something a bit off with the taste, so I held the fruit against the light. Ugh, I had eaten part of a tiny insect. In true Fear Factor fashion, I continued chewing and swallowed in a big gulp. What the hell, I can cross that out in my “Things I want to do before I turn 30” list.

The banca rocked gently on the waves. I dipped my feet in the azure waters, and far down below I can see the corals and seaweeds swaying. The sun shone brightly, but the heat was cooled by the breeze. We were heading home.

My knee still bled from where it was scratched. Nearby, a fisherman was catching his lunch. Judging from the tug on his fishing line, it looked like it was going to be a big meal.

Another fine day in Samar, and I enjoyed myself tremendously. Now I have to add “buy banca” to my list.


chase said...

buy banca??
ako i'll buy a yatch.

hala.. kawawa man. hindi ka na flawless nyan. hehehe

Phoenix said...

@ chase: its really cool. God really provides- yung mga fishermen they just catch fish which they eat for their lunch.. ; ) Inggit ako minsan, their lives seem uncomplicated

Anonymous said...

parang sarap naman magbaksyon dyan! i havent tried scuba diving, i really want to experience the thrill of looking at corals & salt water fish up close! :)

Phoenix said...

@ josh: you don't need to scuba dive = ) kahit snorkel lang.. basta if you know how to float keri na!

chase said...

correct.. simple talaga ang buhay sa probinsya..


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