Tuesday, December 18, 2007


It has been a while since I last posted an entry. These are the reasons why:

Busy building a city- a model, that is. Part of a plot schemed by our professors so students won’t get to enjoy the holiday break is to give so many tasks to do within that period. This task is to create a scale model of an ideal community in a metropolitan setting (my suggestion, since I was partly feeling nostalgic, remembering my apartment in Makati). I have to make a really good one so I’m starting with the buildings. Good luck, Thad!

Taking care of a beggar. I must admit, it gives a different feeling of fulfillment being able to put a smile on a complete stranger’s face. That’s us with our beggars, and we are supposed to take care of them (meeting with them regularly and bringing food, and basically getting their life story) for six months. I hope we do make a difference in their lives no matter how small.

Publishing a book! Yeah, desktop publishing lol! I couldn’t resist- originally I only planned to print hard copies of my favorite articles (about sixty of them) and then I had this crazy idea of adding a cover and then voila! A 140 page book with four chapters was made. I was feeling bold after this so I sent some to Leyte-Samar Express (good thing the publisher didn’t kick me out when I met with him); they said they mostly do straightforward news, and that features and stories are usually printed on Sundays. I soon expect to receive a letter saying, “Thank you for your interest. We are sorry to inform you that…”

Before I end this post, I just want to greet everyone a very Merry Christmas! I’ve been planning to make a holiday e-card for my fellow bloggers with a picture of the giant Christmas tree we have in plaza Rizal. Lovely with all the lights, I tell ya.

Give me and my friends a few nights… One holiday card, coming up!


Mink: The Arabian Paladin said...

thats a noble thing to do, feeding a beggar,
hats off ako sa iyo thad.
Good luck on your book, thanks for the complimentary copies, hehehe
just kidding

Have a merry Christmas Thad, i wish you and your loved ones a prosperous and joyful new year also.

Phoenix said...

@ mink: Thanks Mink, and greetings and well wishes right back at ya! Hehe grabe ang gastos pala ng printing, not to mention the effort- sa editing, and I had to cut the papers myself (2 columns in an 8 1/2 by 11 paper). So far isa pa lang bumili (naawa sa akin lol!) at kaibigan ko syempre. She's giving it to another friend as a gift ata. Dibale, pag naka publish ako ng libro for real, I'll give you a copy hehe Anyway naka-post naman yung mga articles na yun dito..

O pano, Merry Christmas uli!


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