Wednesday, December 26, 2007

3 Days, 6 Hours, and 90 Minutes in Ormoc


I woke up that day feeling as gloomy as the skies had become. Today, this little fairy tale I’ve weaved is about to end.

My sandals were wet, and so was the back of my leg from the rain. Rich wore the same clothes as he did last night. “What are you having for lunch?” He asked.

“Kahit ano.”

He grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze. I looked at his face, he was mouthing “Cheer up!”

I smiled. “Kakainis, I have to go back to school and catch up on what I’ve missed.”

“So you regret being here.”

“No. It was worth coming here, I just hate it that it’s ending,”

We were silent while we ate.

I was thinking, perhaps this was just meant to be a great couple of dates and nothing more. A relationship was possible, but with the distance and all- it won’t work.

“You’re quiet again.”

“I’m just a little tired. When are you leaving for Cebu?”

“Bukas pa.”

“Kung wala lang akong unit test I’d stay. Sayang.”

“Next time mas matagal tayo mag-stay. We can go to those beaches in Samar you showed me pictures of.”

“Yeah.” I looked away.

The van was almost full when we arrived at the terminal. Rich handed me my backpack.

“Ingat ka.” He said, smiling.

“You know, I’d kiss you right now, but the guys in the van might beat me up later.” I laughed.

He held my hand for a while.

“Text me when you get home.”


I get in the passenger seat and gave him a wave.

He waved back and smiled at me. I shut the door just as the van started moving. I hugged my backpack close to my chest and stared at the distance.



Quentin X said...

I hate goodbyes. :(

Phoenix said...

@ quentin x; Me too!!

beejing said...

Ahemm... sweet.

Anonymous said...

wow,wat a story....hay,,,ang sweet, ya thad, abangan ko nxt story mo...hehehe, mor xciting ngaun pa na mag 2k8 na..hehehe, gud luck!,


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