Monday, December 24, 2007

3 Days, 6 Hours, and 90 Minutes in Ormoc


“Been here long?”

The speaker was an attractive chinito wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

“Richard?” I asked.

“Yup.” He smiled.

I was suddenly shy. Damn, looked cute! I ran my fingers self-consciously through my hair.

“Kain tayo.” I pointed to the burger and fries on the table.

“So it’s your first time in Ormoc?” He smiled.

“Not really, daan lang several times on the way to Cebu.”

“I grew up here, bago mag-college.”

“San Carlos.”

“So, saan mga nice places dito sa Ormoc?”

He rubs his finger on his chin. “We could have a picnic at the beach..”

“White sand ba?”


“Sayang, kung malapit lang Samar we could go there instead. The beaches are pristine and absolutely fantastic. I think I brought my portfolio.” I reach into my backpack and take out the file containing glossy 8R photographs.

“Impressive.” He says, going through the pages.

“These monochromatic shots were taken at Busay Falls in Babatngon. And this…”

I carefully remove one photo from the file. “This is Calicoan Beach in Guiuan.”

“How far is Guiuan from Tacloban?”

“About three hours.”

“So if we come from Ormoc, it’ll take us five hours.” He grins sheepishly.

“More or less. Sayang talaga, if only we had more time I could show you around.” I returned the photo to its place and put the file back in my bag.

“Where to?” I asked.


We ended up going to Orchid Resort. It was a pleasant enough beach- wide expanse of water, gray sand, palm trees, and cottages that dotted the shore.

The cool salty breeze always soothed me, and at a distance I could see a ferry headed for Cebu.

“Let me carry that for you.” Said Richard, grabbing my backpack.

“Thanks Rich.”

I took out my camera and start taking pictures.

“Hey!” He said, covering his face.

“O, bakit?” I laughed.

“Di ata ako didikit dyan. Bihis muna ako.” He gets his shorts from his pack and starts looking for the dressing area.
“Ni wala atang shower area.” I remarked.

He returns to the cottage with his shorts. “Dito ka na magbihis.”

He pulls down his pants and start changing. I grab my camera and start snapping pictures. “For posterity’s sake.” I said, laughing, as he tried to evade the lens.


chase said...

bad thadie! heheheh...
ang sweet naman ni richard.. gentle-boy pala ahh..

Quentin X said...



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