Thursday, December 20, 2007

Shenanigans at a Kiddie Party

Kyla schemes to get a taste of her ate's cake
a softdrink addiction at age 1
Kyla demostrating the proper way na mang-hold up
With my angelic (?) pamangkins Kyla and Gavin hehe Utang lang muna ngayong Pasko, your Tito is broke!
pabitin (adults, please step aside!) a party isn't a party unless someone goes home devastated..


Mark Xander said...

Awwwweee. Sweet. Beautiful family. :)

Phoenix said...

@ mark xander: Ei Mark, you are in my holiday shoutouts =) hehe Have a Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Laki na ni GAvin ah! :)

CharLenE said...

waaaa!! cute na cute si baby Gav! i love baby Gav!!!

Phoenix said...

@ charlene: wait till you see him in person Cha, such a sweet kid = ) malabad!

jack ass said...

I love your monochrome shot! beautiful...=)


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