Monday, December 24, 2007

3 Days, 6 Hours, and 90 Minutes in Ormoc

Ever since meeting him in person, I’ve had this weird melancholy feeling each time I see his face. The same sort of emotion I felt watching the opening sequence of Sunday Night Specials on TV when I was younger, just before the featured Hollywood movie starts. It would be a great film, for sure, yet I had this feeling of dread that it would be over soon. The magic would soon dissipate, and I’d be back to reality, preparing for a hectic Monday.

His name was Richard, and he was a student from Cebu. My spur-of-the-moment trip to Ormoc was a desperate attempt to revive my flagging lovelife. We met through an online site. Our conversation went like this:

Dec 21 17:57

Richard: Rich here, 5’8 fair and fit. Care to be friends?

Me: 25 discreet male (I’ve been 25 yrs old for three years now) here from Tacloban. Cute. Lol!

Richard: Nakapunta na me dun during your city’s fiesta… I like Sto. Nino Shrine and Red Beach

Me: Yeah, the Pintados is a big event out here. Next time ha text me when you get here. 0900 888 8888.

Dec 22 21:17

Richard: Sorry for the late reply, I went offline yesterday. Sure! Text me din if you get to Cebu 0900 999 5555. Are you working already?

Me: Nah, a student. I worked for a while but now I’m taking up Nursing. U?
Richard: Hehe pareho tayi bai, Nursing din course ko, graduating this year.

Me: Uy congrats! Hehe dapat pala magpaturo ako sa’yo.

Richard: Anong subject?

Me: Anatomy ; )

Richard: Hands-on gusto mo? hehe!

Dec 24 03:31

Me: Hey! Online ka pala..
Richard: May surprise ako sa ‘yo

Me: Ano yun?

Richard: Punta ako ng Ormoc next week. I’ll be visiting for three days.

Me: Ormoc is just two hours away by bus from Tacloban.. I have a class though.

Richard: Meet me in Ormoc. It’ll be worth it, I promise.

Me: We’ll see..


chase said...

awww... love is in the air... or is lust? hehehehe. joke..
hmmm... who is this richard guy hap! heheh

anatomy? wow, never thought that could be used as a pick up line. hehahah

Phoenix said...

@ chase: lust is in the air lol!


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