Saturday, December 22, 2007

Aggressive Negotiations

“Mano, Leyte Park?”

(Tricycle driver shakes his head)

“Bale duha?”

(Still shakes his head)

“Bale tulo?”

(Stops and thinks)

Finally, I get tired of it and say:

“Bale upat!”

“Sakay na!” He says.

(Hmph may presyo ka rin!)


“Mano, Gaisano?”

(Tricycle driver shakes his head)

A towing car approaches on the east side while a traffic cop on the west side of the street start blowing his whistle at the guy blocking the traffic.

Thad: “Hala! Pulis!”

Tricycle driver: “Sakay na!”

(Hmm, Guilty!)


Thad: “Tagpira ini?”
Vendor: “40 pesos.”

Thad: “May tawad pa?”

Vendor: “35 nala”

I pretend to think.

“30 last price.”

I look away.

“25, sige.”

I flag a jeepney.

“20 nala.”

Thad: “Ok!”

(Bargain! Hehe)


Anonymous said...

The power & art of Speech (of native dialect)! Merry Xmas thadie! :)

Anonymous said...

BTW, a very Xmasy banner i must say! hehehe, tnx for d inclusion! :)

Quentin X said...

Mayda ako mga sangkay nga taga-Tacloban an didto pa ak ha university. They manage to teach me the dialect with the accent that by the end of four years most of their friends thought I was from Leyte.
Having lived outside the Philippines for some time, I think I have lost my bargaining skills. I got taken through the scenic route quite a few times in Manila. Probably because I could speak waray more fluently than my tagalog.
Happy holidays to you too, Thad.

Phoenix said...

@ quentin x: Haha you won't lose your haggling skills, trust me. It's in the blood of pinoys hehe. Enjoy your Christmas = )

Phoenix said...

@ josh: Syempre naman, ikaw pa!


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