Sunday, December 9, 2007

Gym Stories 3

Being gay is hard work. I’m not sure though if this is only inherent to the particular gay sub-species one belongs to, but I’m thinking at some level, all gay men are obsessed with looks. I belong to the “all-around-cute-gay-guy” category (or so I think), and part of my regimen is trying desperately not to look my age (vanity to the highest level, I know).

So here I am slaving away at the gym. I’m madly pedaling, cursing the clock for moving too slow. Five more minutes of cardio, and it feels like and eternity. Then BAM! I see him: an old friend who I last saw when I was in my teens. He is a doctor now, and looking quite fine.

My eyes work like binoculars. Zzzzztt (checking overall appearance: nice shoulders, nice build, tall, and a cute face) zzzzzztt (zooming towards face: youthful, nice skin, braces, oh a blackhead near the nose, overall very nice).

“Hey!” I exclaimed, genuinely surprised to see him.

“Thad! Kamusta?” He takes the stationary bike next to me.

“Eto Ok naman. Do you come here often?”

“Yeah, for the past two months. Ikaw?”

“I quit gym last June, busy kasi. This month, I started again.” Damn! Why do I keep looking at that blackhead?

“Kamusta sched mo?”

“Medyo busy din.” R. says, wiping the sweat off his brow. “Anong sunod after this?”

“Weights.” I say.

As I made my way to my trainer, I suddenly wished I was lifting heavier weights. I’ve got to make a good impression. Uggh, I this is bad- developing a crush on an old friend.

As I did bench presses, I was weighing the risks. First off, I’d be a fool to risk a 13 year old friendship by making a move, second, I think he is straight and that would be fighting a losing battle.

“Arggh.” I set the weights back to the bars.

Ok, so I’ve decided no fooling around with this one. I grit my teeth and resume doing bench presses. I cursed being here at the gym at this time.

Why are we so pressured to look good anyway? I’ve thought about just letting myself go, but when I think of the consequences, I think I’d rather stick to doing my fitness routines. Being gay is like participating in a perpetual beauty contest, it’s exhausting! This is surely punishment for being so shallow.

I sit up and wipe my dripping sweat. I looked around for a moment and rested.

“Hey Thad, I’ve got to go.” It was my friend, R.

“Sure. See you around.” I say.

He makes his way to the dressing area, and walk towards the pull ups. Guess I better get back to my program.

And oh, R. if you are reading this- I was just kidding earlier. ; )


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mink said...

i think we crave for acceptance, kaya most gay guys try to look good as much as possible.

tsaka one way din siguro yan para mapataas ang Market Value natin. Nobody wants to be left behind.

gandang araw

Phoenix said...

@ mink: market value? acceptance? para tayong mga goods! haaay but what can one do kung ganon ang culture.. I still hope though, that real relationships still exist at this time- way beyond all the frivolousness of our culture

mink said...

siguro real relationships, napakaideal, pero it exist po kuya thad... Sa mga taong totoo. After all the game that youd play all day long, all people wanted to come home to that special someone, waiting just outside the front door, arms outstreched, waiting to hug you and say, "its ok im here, i wont leave you"
naks napaka ideal ano? pero it exists trust me.

Phoenix said...

@ mink: if you say so, mink. kuya thad? lol!

dean said...

haha! sabay bawi!

chase said...

hahah so true.. gays are obsessed with their looks.. hehehe
i'm guilty as charged.

i love your new header.. funny ka ha..
talikogenic? hhahaha.. dili oi.
front and back.. genic ka.. hehehe

Phoenix said...

@ chase: yup, I think we all are guilty ; )

cant_u_read said...

the new header --- me likey! :-)

Phoenix said...

@ cant u read: really? thanks rye hehe my good friend the photographer should be the one to take credit for it = )

Anonymous said...

Thadie, nice nice header. sino yung naka sign na photographer. Uber ooozing with sexiness u ha!!! :)

Quentin X said...

I plead guilty too. I am addicted to the gym and the mirror. lol.

Mark Xander said...

Heya, Thaddeus! :) My pics with Josh on my blog! :)

ardee sean said...

just droppin you by.. happy xmas and merry new year..


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