Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Problem with Dating Someone "Out of Your League"

Picture this: you are finally having a date with your dream guy and you just can’t stop fidgeting. You worry about every damn cute guy (or a woman, if he is straight) who would enter the room and catch his attention.

You manage a smile when one of his friends come by, but start to panic once the friend acts as if they’re ex-lovers. Or were they really? You wonder. Meanwhile you double check your fingernails to see if they are dirt-less, then you pick up a spoon and try to desperately get a glimpse of your reflection. Is my hair still in place?

You hang on to his every word, thinking of a witty reply. You sigh with relief, once you manage to say something to his liking.

“Excuse me.” You say, leaving for the restroom the nth time to make sure there’s nothing stuck between your teeth, or perhaps a drop of sauce on your shirt. How embarrassing that would be!

When you return you think of other things you can discuss that you have in common- music perhaps? Movies? Wait, we already talked about that. Then oops, suddenly you spilled your drink on the table.

You make a joke out of it and try not to catch even more attention. Then, nearing the end of your dinner, you get nervous about how the date would end. If he kisses me, should I kiss him back? Or maybe not.

You finally decide to head home, and he waits for you to get a taxi. “I had a good time.” He smiles.

“Me too.” You say politely, too afraid to make a move.

The taxi pulls over. He leans towards you and you move your face towards his awkwardly to kiss him on the cheek.

As the taxi pulls off the curb, you breathe a sigh of relief.

Bzzzz! You check your phone, which you’ve set on vibrate. It’s him!

Dream date: Nytnyt! I’ll see you again soon.

Your reply: I had a great time too. It was great seeing you tonight.

Maybe he does like you, you think, otherwise he won’t be texting you now. Bzzzz! It’s your bestfriend calling.

“How was your date?” You slump back on the seat of the car.



Quentin X said...

It is funny how you make dating sound like a stage performance. Lol. It's been a while since I went on a "date".

Phoenix said...

@ quentin x: I think i have a knack for it = )


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