Wednesday, December 26, 2007

3 Days, 6 Hours, and 90 Minutes in Ormoc


His hand felt warm, and felt nice to snuggle up to him inside the cold theater. Boy, if only I was still in my reckless phase I would have grabbed something else by now.

Through the darkness I saw the shape of his face- those lips that were in half a smile, his lashes, his slightly unruly hair. Right then, I just wanted the moment to freeze. Me in the arms of a guy I really like.

“I’m a little hungry, let’s get some food.”

“Sure, I say.” I walked quietly beside him. I let go of his hand after we went out of the theater lest I elicit curious stares from people. He put his arm on my shoulder and squeezed.

I look up and smiled at him. I know that look, and I know what that meant.

“Take out na lang tayo ha. Wanna go to my place afterwards?”

“Yeah.” He said, as we approached the counter.


We barely got through the door when he started kissing me. Oh gosh, I forgot how good it felt to have a man take me in his arms. I kissed him back, and roughly removed his jacket (just like in the movies!).

“Have you called your relative’s house yet? Are going to stay- ”

He kissed me again. Heck, let his folks worry about him later, Gracia na ito! I laughed to myself.

I put his t-shirt over his head ad start kissing his chest. When I look up a moment, I saw his eyes were closed, cheeks flushed, and lips parted.

I grab his belt, and kiss him as I unbuckle it.

He pulls up my shirt and sucks on my nipple. “Oh man.” My heart pounded. This is it- the point of no return. I kissed him again before I go down on him.


He already dozed off when my phone buzzed. I ignored it, and snuggled closer to him.

I’m so happy! I thought, resting my head on his shoulder. Through the glass windows, I saw the stars were gone, and it had begun to rain.


yuriki.kun said...

this is something ha.
im glad december's not cold for you.

Phoenix said...

@ yuriki.kun: oh, wait for the ending ; )


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